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  1. 3 hours ago, RussTCB said:

    Wayyyyy back in the early 2000s someone made a claim that they'd played leaks over the PA system at their school and people loved the music so much they were dancing in the halls. 

    A ridiculous claim for sure

    As a former child who was actually dancing in these actual halls I'm a bit surprised here! I vividly remember the o-shaped mouths when the 'Better'-bridge came in and a lot of people got beat up that day for falsely claiming that the song was in Drop-C Tuning

  2. On 5/27/2021 at 10:17 AM, jamillos said:

    It is not comparable at all. Back then, we had to rely on magazines; there was no internet, no Twitter, social media. There wasn’t much music on TV (of this sort), people’s imagination ran at full speed. We only had a few videos, if any. The musicians were… more rare to us. Imagine if The Beatles formed today – there’s no way they’d be surrounded by such hysteria like back then. If you wanted to see the show in the 90s, you had to physically go. No YouTube, no Periscopes, or Facebook. When a musician made an interview to address some media bullshit, it was a big deal. There weren’t shitloads of new bands spamming your channels every day with tons of diverse weird music, and us swiping them away, bored. Compare it to dating 30 years ago and Tinder today. 
    I think the chick with the binoculars in Rio (was it 91 or 01?) sums it all up nicely. Can you imagine this today? Folks will watch close-ups on YouTube instead. We are spoiled, there’s too much of everything, and our attention and minds are shattered by thousands of dull tidbits from celebrities as well as by other information spam from the internet. 
    Basically, there is more stuff, spreading with incredible speed these days, and so the times before the internet cannot be truly compared with today, regardless of what the particular theme is. 

    You absolutely nailed it in my opinion. In my view, "the internet" destroyed the magic and mystery surrounding music acts. Even the most underground norwegian black metal band will let me know what they had for fucking breakfast today (I'm exaggerating, but that's how it feels). Also, as you've mentioned, the sheer over-supply of music available just kills curiosity, at least for me. Of course, every now and then I discover something by accident, but only rarely.

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  3. 1 hour ago, 19AT5 said:

    Not having a go or anything, but who cares if there is a really low in the mix guitar part which you can't really hear? Like if it's so low in the mix you can't really make out what's happening, why bother including it? Seems pointless. Personally I think Axl just needlessly over complicated that album.

    Well, I'm afraid I love it. :D

    btw., on AFD and UYI there were a ton of overdubs and additional licks that barely get noticed, WTTJ is a good example. Just saying!

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  4. I just noticed today that there was yet another guitar-layer present during at least the second verse (left channel, very hard to hear). Even seems to play chords over the main riff. That's what I love about CD - the massive clusterfuck it is. You always stumble across new stuff you didn't notice. I've listened to this album an unhealthy amount of times, and I still haven't discovered everything. Understandably, that turns a lot of people off since the "copy&paste" approach of course comes across as soulless. 

  5. 8 hours ago, mystery said:

    I could see Slash just learning his parts for the Chinese Democracy songs and having no idea about any of the lyrics.

    I don't know if he really learned these parts - He probably just stood there thinking "Ah yes, something in A-minor, no problem - I'll just do my wankery here - and here... aaaaaand here. Done, on to the next one." btw, that's how he remembers them:

    TIL - "Gay Ballad"
    Madagascar - "That HipHop song"
    Sorry - "Blues-Jam in D-Minor"
    Scraped - "That Masterpiece"

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  6. When I saw the "Some Kind of Monster" documentary years ago, I had the impression that drumming was more something of a neat hobby of Lars, but not as important as selling art pieces or drinking wine. I think the money got in his way. He was still hungry in the 80s and felt like he had something to proof, I think. Still, doesn't stop me from listening to Metallica albums every now and then, I have a soft spot for them.

  7. I love Hard School, I think it's fucking brilliant. Still can't find out what the hell the guitars are doing during the verses, but it sounds awesome to me. Also love the intro as well as the short and simple guitar solo. Top Axl vocals too (yes, also the verses). So glad we have that recording, I'll never forget how it felt to hear it for the first time! 

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  8. 1 minute ago, 19AT5 said:

    I can only speak for myself, but I find the final version of CD a complete sonic mess. There are some decent moments on there for sure, but all in, the songs are just not there for me. That said, I was interested enough to give the leaks a chance whereas some of my pals just listened to the first 30 seconds and turned off! So at least I have tried! All that said, I will say I really like Sorry... but even then... what the fuck is that "I don't want to dooooo it" line all about. 

    Haha, that line remains a mystery to me too :lol: I totally get that the songs don't do it for you, that's completely fine. But it seems it's because of your taste and not because you're biased, since you checked out the leaks too.

  9. Not liking CD is understandable, matter of taste. 

    But categorically hating it because Slash and Duff weren't on it, that's simply ridiculous and downright childish. There are people who are so bitter about the NuGuns-Era that they can't even admit that a solo like in TIL or Sorry is a masterpiece, just because it wasn't written and played by the infallible and holy Slash (and we've heard and seen what happens if the "God" himself takes on these songs, give me a fucking break)

    Even after all these years, people still are so incredibly butthurt because of CD and it's hilarious and fascinating at once. :awesomeface:



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