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  1. I suppose this "documentary" can be "found" right next to the "files" called "The General (Vocals Ver. 3)" and "Hardschool (Slash Solo Take 2)".
  2. I second this. New toy truck designs were supposed to be released, but you can't find info on them anywhere. It's like they don't even want us to buy them!!!
  3. I would love to hear the vocal takes for the RM discs, most of all: Oklahoma, Me & My Elvis, Tonto, Mustache, Zodiac 13, D Tune and Devious Bastard. For my taste that was an exciting and fresh musical direction to take. Absolutely love the guitars and drums in the above mentioned demos. To my knowledge, the vocal takes for "Me & My Elvis" and "Devious Bastard" exist in the vault, correct me if I'm wrong. I don't know which other songs were confirmed to have recorded vocals on them, but I hope one day they will all surface - one can still dream!
  4. At the end of the day, it remains a matter of taste. No one has the sovereignty of opinion when it comes to music or even art in general. Also, what a "good song" is still remains subjective. While some can't seem to understand why anyone would like a song like "Riad N' The Bedouins" or "Scraped", I feel the same about SCOM or "Dead Horse". I don't like these songs because I don't like them - not because they are "just objectively not very good" or some bullshit like that.
  5. That would be a nightmare... no regular albums and singles anymore, no stunning live performances to experience... oh wait - that was another band.
  6. Couldn't agree more. It drives me crazy that this stuff exists!
  7. Not once I regretted to push play on your songs, you never disappoint. Great song and I love this recording!
  8. Well, when someone shits on the floor in front of me, I can't look at it and say "Wow, now that's some delicious chocolate cake right there"
  9. Plot twist: This voice-over was already recorded in 1999
  10. Can't wait for the new live album called "Shameless Display of Underachievement"
  11. I love the song and the aggression in Axl's vocals. OMG was always a bit of a mystery for me, always wondered how/when it was written and what went through Axl's mind during that time. For me, the somewhat muddy/unusual production only makes it more interesting to listen to. Glad this one exists!
  12. Probably off topic in a way, but still: Sometimes it baffles me how personal opinions are treated as universal "facts" amongst fans--> Ashba is a talentless piece of shit, Bumble's parts sucked, Frank is a bad drummer... the list goes on forever. As if there had been some kind of jury who decided which musical parts and members of GnR are acceptable and likeable and which are not. For example, if I said I liked "Scraped" (which I don't), there would be people coming at me with shit like "Are you deaf? This is their WORST song EVER!" - what response do you expect? "Oh, my bad, didn't k
  13. You're so damn right, but the fanboys have a different opinion, you know - "Slash doesn't like these songs anyway, so of course he plays them badly" - there are even people who consider these musical crimes as "soulful" playing.
  14. Exactly! Still wonder to this day who the fuck this guy thinks he is :-D
  15. Personally I prefer the album-versions of all the songs. I love the demos, all these other versions, it's very interesting to listen to the differences. I love the production-mess that CD is. :-D I can listen to it a thousand times and still hear new things and details. There are so many layers, so many things buried in the mix, I think it's absolutely fascinating, trying to figure out what the hell is actually exactly going on in all of these songs! It never gets old for me, it will probably always remain my most favourite record of all time for so many reasons.
  16. Hey man, I would much appreciate that if you find the time to do so. Everything is useful! :-) If I get to make a tab of it, I would of course credit you for it.
  17. Hi there! Is anyone making tabs (preferably Guitar-Pro) for any of the instrumental and/or Vocal-demos like Hardschool, Perhaps, Atlas Shrugged etc.? I started working on the above mentioned tabs. If anyone is interested in sharing information, I would be delighted to see what you have figured out. Here's an example of some parts from "Oklahoma (Berlin)" - Intro, Main-Riff, Verse. Not much, I just started today. Oklahoma (Main Riff) Oklahoma (Verse) Oklahoma (Intro) Making tabs is sometimes a huge time effort, but I love doing it and sharing it as soon as there is something
  18. I for one hope that all the Chinese-stuff remains as untouched as possible, if it's ever being used at all. I actively dislike the Better-Intro as well as the overrated-as-fuck HS-soundcheck, not to mention all the fucked up solos and what not. They shit all over these songs, so I hope they stay away from that era and at least make something on their own. All I personally want are the Village-demos with vocals.
  19. In the case of Frank - I think most people just parrot everything back to each other. There was someone who started it, and armies of idiots followed to say exactly the same stuff about him. Cheap talk, patter and jive. How many have actually studied his playing or his contributions to CD? I don't like his style personally, but the hate is absolutely ridiculous and over the top. I really hate this mindset that there is some kind of an "objective" reality or opinion in music. It all comes down to taste. You can scream "Adler" or "Sorum" a thousand times, if someone prefers Frank or
  20. As long as Axl can't improve his vocal delivery, I really couldn't care less about who's in the band and why. Izzy was great, so were Steven and Matt - but there's no point in getting them back, in my opinion. Izzy, Steven and/or Matt can't save this shit show. Changing the instrumental line-up - no matter in which constellation - won't help. Sure, I can't stand Fortus, Melissa and even Slash these days, but they're not the problem. The problem is and always has been Mr. Rose.
  21. (CAUTION: Black Metal) Marduk - The Blond Beast Love the evil sounding riffs and also the melancholic guitars in the ending of the song. Also, Mortuus is quite insane as a vocalist, although I do not like everything he does here.
  22. That's certainly true and in some ways, I may very well be a victim of said fan-psychology. But more importantly, I think it's simply matter of taste. If you loved the NuGNR-period overall, also musically (CD/Leaks), then I'd say it's only logical that you prefer this era of the band. Sure, this is definitely not the majority of the fans, casuals or hardcore - for those who see the strength of GnR only or mostly in AFD/UYI, it's almost unimaginable that someone could prefer the "other side". "My" GnR is NuGnR, so I tend to romanticize that time period, especially in hindsight.
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