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  1. it would be great if someone had the full gig, cuz they played tons of good shit. that's what I keep hearing. Does he have an email or anything? alsooooo which discord server? The war room?
  2. I made you a new one, and since idk how to post it i'll just link it here https://imgur.com/y6vIvmL wow, i'm really not good at photoshop am I
  3. have you guys heard emi asta? people always mistake his music for gnr, especially back in the day.
  4. am I allowed to put my twitter so you can dm me there? cuz I have it
  5. Hey guys, I'm new here so sorry if this is kinda weird, but does anyone have a full recording of this song? I've heard it was wrote by tracii guns, but this is the only recording I can find. I just want to hear the rest of this song. Thanks in advance.
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