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  1. The Alive (Adlers Appetite - Alive 2012) lyrics aren't anywhere on the internet so I'm going to try and figure them out, but its pretty quick and i need some help. I know that somebody else had already started these 5 years ago but never finished and the topic is now archived so i thought I'd make a new one to try and finish. Alive: (scream) ..... .... drop from disease from Babylon to Malibu ....six feet under and my appetite's eating you I've got this feeling good times keep holding me down ..................... ....lot of cocaine
  2. He sounds kinda the same except his speech isn’t as slurred anymore. His hair threw me off tho it was so short
  3. Oh, I didn’t know that. Cool thanks do you know where I can find the recording of locomotive?
  4. November rain was recorded during the 1986 sound city session and is on AFD super deluxe edition. Locomotive also sounds like something Steven might have wrote part of
  5. I know Sorum played the drum part of on the studio recording of You could be mine but it sounds a lot like Steven wrote it. here’s a video of Steven playing the drum part does anybody know if he wrote it or not? Ok I didn’t know duff testified to writing it in court but if you know of any other UYI tracks Steven was involved in uhhh tell me
  6. NuGNR should have been called W.A.R. Instead. It is not GNR without slash duff and Izzy. Also Steven, but then again they did a double album without him 😢. I don’t consider Chinese democracy to be GNR, but Axl’s solo album instead. That sounds wonderful
  7. Why does Steven not have the right to complain about the reunion? He was kicked out for drug use, now he is sober, they said there would be a reunion but he only got to play 2 songs even though he was a founding member of the band?? He had to listen to frank ferrer butcher his songs that he wrote. Let’s be honest ferrer’s fills are crap. I don’t think Steven complaining about being left out of the reunion is a good example of his brain being messed up from drugs. He has the right to be upset.
  8. He stood up to Axl most of the time. While the rest of the band would walk on eggshells when he was in a bad mood Steven would fight back. the worst part is that when Steven was fired he was actually trying to get off drugs. He stopped doing heroine but when u are doing as much as he was and then stop it makes you violently sick. He went to a doctor and got an opiate blocker but it only made it work because there was still heroine in his bloodstream. I’m not completely sure how it works but he was trying to clean himself up right before he was fired.
  9. Good point. I also didn’t know that Chris Jericho was a wrestler so what Steven said makes a lot more sense now.
  10. I came across discussion over whether or not Axl was gay which seemed like a stretch after the whole One In A Million thing. He also stated that he is “pro-hetero” so I’m really not sure why it even exists.
  11. Honestly I’m just curious. But fair point. I do know a thing or two about hinting at being bi. (Yup)
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