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  1. Saw this on Reddit and thought this forum would find it interesting. This was not made by me but by Redditor u/Scorppix_ (Mods: Can I post a link to post?) Below is what was posted. “A while ago I saw a post on r/Metallica about the most and least streamed songs of each album, so I decided to do one for Guns N' Roses, but I mixed it up a bit. Enjoy!” Appetite For Destruction : Sweet Child O' Mine (924.24 M streams) Welcome To The Jungle (596.79 M streams) Paradise City (561.55 M streams) Nightrain (59.44 M streams) Mr. Brownstone (50.91 M streams)
  2. Thanks for replying. Hoping to try see them when, hopefully, things get back to normal. I’ve always wondered about those two since the reunion.
  3. For those who have seen them since the reunion, what would you say the chemistry is like between them on stage?
  4. Hi all Has Axl and Slash held a joint presser since the reunion?
  5. Nice one, thanks for this info. Will check out the documentary as well! Ah if I seem to remember he does a cool cover of Diamond Dogs on SWAG! Thanks again!
  6. Agreed. Never saw GNR with Izzy until the online boom. The first gig I saw proper (on satellite) was Paris 92. Seeing GNR in the 80s gigs online seem so much more exciting in my opinion and is probably down to the loose, sleazy drunken vibe. Having said that I love the illusion tour vids that too is exciting to me. Did Gilby play on Spaghetti? I only ask as recently read that Izzy may have been on it? Gilbys a dude, took me all this time but hey, life gets in the way sometimes thanks for your reply 👍 Awesome tune! Enjoyed the stones version too!
  7. Does anyone have a copy by any chance? Interesting thread this. Thanks
  8. Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I’ll google that 😎 defo check out his new material. Had Pawn Shop Guitars on earlier! Thanks man. It’s been heavy and a bit surreal.
  9. So I’m pretty new to this forum and enjoyed reading through some of these threads. They are a welcomed distraction from slugging it out constantly it seems. Long story short, I lost my dad recently and have been on a huge nostalgia trip recently. Been revisiting my youth by cracking out an old games console and listening to GNR in the background, reading old mags and watched an Izzy film (which was pretty cool) I’ve fallen back in love with this band and kind of connected with me again (I think) Anyway, I’ve been reading about Gilby and I just think it was pretty cool that he jumped in
  10. Yeah man I had just watched it on youtube as i'm on a nostalgia trip right now and wondered if they ever rescheduled for another gig. My old man paid for the show on Sky TV as a treat so i was on the hunt for the Paris show. Thanks for the suggestion anyways man!
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