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  1. God, Alice...that cod piece type thing...it is so distracting in a really bad creepy pervy way
  2. Well well. I have to admit I am pretty gullible (not a great trait in cyberspace) - is this why Frey was banned? Haven't made it to WT2 yet! I almost feel embarrassed/ too shy to ask anything as it seems all the answers are to be found in WT 1 and 2. However once I figure out how to upload images and how to post properly - I am not the most technologically minded person out there - I will hopefully add to the gossip discussion. I have been rereading Slash's autobiography with the myriad posts of WT1 in mind and, boy, it makes for one interesting revisit. There is so
  3. I've been pretty quiet lately...mind you, this whole thread is pretty quiet. I've been trawling through PART ONE of the women's discussion and...what can I say? Ladies and selected gentleman (I'm looking at you @Frey), you have my deepest admiration. I can honestly say I have taken the deepest ever dive into any subject that I can recall! I consider myself a semi expert now in all matters relating to GNR gossip, intra band relationships, Instagram image analysis, Axl related fashion discussion, obscure 80s interviews, the disturbing TB and most importantly - all matters Slaxl.
  4. Lol that reminds me of the time when Prince Charles of all people wrote a children's book. He even read it out IIRC on a TV show. It was so cringeworthy but I think it was for charity so in the end I guess it was all good. Maybe this book is for charity too??
  5. That is hilarious! Now that's more like it. For what was the "most dangerous band in the world" to release a children's book... I feel embarrassed for then
  6. When all else fails, turn to Slaxl! Ok, to change the subject somewhat. Your thoughts on the up coming children's book "Sweet Child O' Mine"? I don't lurk on other threads so apologies if this has been discussed to death already. My first reaction : WTF??! Cash grab or what? I suppose it also depends on the treatment, perhaps it will be a marvellous kids book?
  7. Awww... Thank you! Have never seen that clip before. Slash with straight hair. Now that's an intriguing mental image
  8. I agree , my roof blowing days are far behind me. I prefer bluesy punchy stuff now, but I'm open to almost anything from them as long as it doesn't suck! That's my main worry...what if it's a right mess? Mind you with Axl involved extreme attention to detail, nit picking, quality control etc are probably par for the course. Our chief problem will probably be an interminable CD-like wait for new material....(God forbid).
  9. Thought I'd better say hi in case you all start noticing me lurking... very new to forum, not new to GNR love. To lazy to follow/ check out social media so relying on you good folks to supply me with the news, gossip etc . Also am wading through the extremely entertaining previous women's chats...wow. I'm a bit behind on recent news so forgive me if I ask obvious/ stupid sounding questions. Finally, I'm into Slaxl (thought I'd better lay that on the table straight away!)
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