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    Supporting Guns since late 80's. 

    Also, W. A. R. was the strong support I never had growing up.

    Between his and another American artist's mindset I grew up just fine. 

    W. A. R. has definitely taught me knowledge, Creativity, Survival, Law and Order. Also I love him very much.

    Thanx Axl. 

    Axl Is the key to my drive.

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  1. Love this thread. I for one can appreciate Mr Bach and Mr Rose friendship . Sebastian that guy is glorious and genuine. His you tube channel is hilarious Also enjoying his book. Audio is the best experience for that haha
  2. Hi . Yes ,Yes I know what you mean . Itwas going through my mind when i posted this . Unfortunately cant find it though.
  3. I really hear you Id like to post Axl's version so it shows up -but dont know how to do that here , but I hear ya ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhaJrzkL2HQ
  4. Vivacious, sparkling and tender singing. You can clearly, brilliantly evoke alot of emotions. You know your craft well
  5. oh you're so rude!!! but it did make me giggle though *spilt my tea everywhere now! damn you *
  6. Yeah! Get in the ring perfect Rndth loving both of those. Pretty tied up not so much. Love this thread
  7. Dead Horse yeah, That's cool... What about Son of a bitch!!? or well (I know it was w. a too) but bad apples or crash diet or the Garden?
  8. R. I. P. Diego Maradona We lost a good one
  9. I appreciate Andy too. Noice to meet you here! 

  10. Hello! Thank you so much for the reply and information.
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