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  1. That is the only North American Stadium solo date I've Noticed too. I Guess it would have been the Largest Attendence for GnR in North America on the UYI Tour. I wonder why they never played more Stadium Solo Dates in North America? We all know They Could Have. The previous year Depeche Mode were Doing Stadiums Solo in North America. I might be wrong, but I believe Alan Niven once said in Magazine/Radio Interview that GnR could have Done a Multi Stadium Tour in 1989 if they Wanted too. It Is Funny because GnR were selling out Stadiums Everywhere Else in the World. I know It
  2. Apart from Festivals(Rio) and Co Touring(Metallica). I'm not 100% sure but I believe American Figures Peaked in 1992 and Declined through out 1993 in North America. Is there anyway of getting Attendance Figures of the Use Your Illusion Tour Online??
  3. Hot For Teacher was the first Song of Van Halen I Listend to. What a Talent and Inspiration he was! Rock on...
  4. It's a Buzz to watch seeing one of the Best come back to the Stage. Even though we was past his Prime. When you watch it you see Axl pull Off a few Dance moves he wouldn't dare do now. Imo, 2002 VMA isn't as Cringy as the 2006 VMA. Axl walking on stage and Shouting DYKWTFYA.....Crickets.
  5. Haha...James Brown didn't want to leave the stage. Eminem was in his Prime. GnR were, Imo, ''the Nostalgic act''. Just Like U2 a year before them and Metallica a year after them. U2 Always seem to Pull it off.
  6. I've been able to find the the GnR Performance everywhere. It's the Full Show I haven't been able to find, from Start to Finish. Agree!... Hahah...
  7. ...Does anyone know if this exists Online? I remember watching it when it was on back in the day. Mixed feelings about the GnR Performance to be honest. There is a scene just before Eminem Collects his last award, he is back stage looking at Axl and the band, Then GnR Kick off with WTTJ. Always wanted to see that again. Never been able to find it.
  8. True, although i was meaning the Band It's self. What they've Produced and Live Proformance ect...
  9. ^This When you watch Steven back in the day playing with GnR it was allways with Passion and Excitment. He's never had a bad Word to say about GnR, even after he was Kicked Out. ...still wating for the YCBM Adler Demo!
  10. Haven't got much too add to the Topic of Batman 2021. Just want to say Batman 1989, for me, is the Best Batman out of all the Batmans. Tim Burton Captured an a great aura in that movie alongside the Great acting of Jack Nicolson, The Sultry Kim Basinger and Michael keaton, the Best Actor to Play Batman. Fond Memories watching it Growing up.
  11. Never read ''The Name Of the Rose'' but I've read ''Foucault's Pendulum''. Umberto Eco was Brilliant writer.
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