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  1. 'Defence of The Realm' 1985 Underrated Imo. Classic 80's Cold War Paranioa movie. Gabriel Byrne, Greta Scacchi, and Denholm Elliott.
  2. Very True. Just like many GnR T Shirts from back in the day. Even If you made the T Shirt Yourself and walked about with it on you would No Doubt Bump Into the PC Brigade and they would call you for everything.
  3. He didn't own them because he was skint, If he could have It would have been Frankie Laine and maybe some Sydney Devine records.
  4. Nice One! To think of 1000s of Flags and T Shirts that get Thrown on Stage. It Must have been So Cool when he Picked It up and done That.
  5. Looking at these Top 5 lists no matter whats on them I'm going to like them. All his Movies are Fantastic in their own way and I've enjoyed them. Because of It's Sexual Content and also because it was his last movie, I feel 'Eyes Wide Shut' Doesn't get, Imo, The Respect It deserves. I feel Kubrick was really trying to tell the Audience Something Truly Esoteric. The Movie Is loaded with Symbology. Which can be said for alot of his movies. I feel he went Full Throttle with his own Knowledge and put it Into the Movie. Why do I always Forget he Done Spartacus??..
  6. 1 The Shining 2 Eyes Wide Shut 3 ClockWork Orange 4 2001 ASO 5 Dr Strangelove So wish he went ahead with his Napoleon Project in the 70s.
  7. Pity... I actually like that. Never crossed my mind about a 'Gn'R Lies' T Shirt.
  8. Thanks for the Replys. I had Gn'R Logo T Shirt when I was a Teenager. I'm going for an Illusion T Shirt Soon.
  9. (Scott Hardkiss) Rain Cry - GodWithin 90's Classic.
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