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  1. The silkworms leak was soo good imo .. cyber punk to the max
  2. Check out duffs last solo album. If they wanted to write or touch on real world stuff they still can. Seems like Hard Skool is just a quick fun song for them.
  3. The thing I love about Gn’R is every album is different. I dig the song, the leaked one might be a bit better, louder. To me this song has AFD/UYI vibes especially first hearing the bell ring. They definitely went back into time with the style of the song. Also that has to be the “heys” from eye on you right? Lol I like that song too. Loud af just like the silkworms leak. I want some weird shit for the album.. thats just me though.
  4. My old mygnr account and Instagram were deleted by old friends because they think Gn’R is homophobic, rude, racist, anti women, etc tbh. We all love this band and know how kick ass they are. I’ve met some of you throughout the years at shows.
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