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  1. The demo was a lot more emotional, some really great guitar work. I was disappointed on first listen of the new version, but it's grown on me. And to be fair, we were never supposed to hear that demo.
  2. It hasn't received a global release, it's release date is the 24th.
  3. I had similar thoughts, give it a few spins, it's not as whacky as the demo, but it's a good rocker. Once you get the demo out of your ears.
  4. He didn't do things the "way they should be done" when he released the illusion albums, but I bet you're not mad about that, are ya, pal?
  5. I get that about being burned, but I'm just bewildered it's actually out, so a bit surprised about how quick people are getting disappointed by it not being played live. I don't think the iron is even warm, it's got 8000 views!
  6. Do ya? I bet it's played at the next show. Can you wait a few days? Or is that too much for a seasoned vet like you? Downzy is right, enough, but enough on both sides right? Or is this just going to be people complaining that it wasn't played? It sounds like a challenging song for Axl to song these days, maybe he wants to do it justice?
  7. Huh? You only think that because they did that last time. Something, by the way, they have never done before in the 30 whatever the fuck years. You're making up the rules as you go along.
  8. It's going to sound shit live anyways, I much prefer having the studio version first.
  9. Maybe wait until the next show before you start crying about The single isn't even out yet worldwide.
  10. What's the correlation? What difference does it make to you? Are you not happy with the single? Man, some of you guys are never happy.
  11. What momentum? The 8,000 views it's got so far? You're a whiney little fella aren't you.
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