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  1. There are some places on the map outside the USA but it's certainly USA centric. On the note about the map they didn't quite get all the places. Adelaide in Australia was missed out, I know that being an Australian
  2. In case these haven't been seen here yet, her are some of the sketches done for the new GNR pinball. Some were used in the game itself that are easily spotted, not sure on some others but here they are in all their glory. Thanks Pinside user Blackjacker for the copies
  3. Hi all. I'm starting a collection of the NITL concert poster/litho - yes a little late I know. Looking for ANY poster I don't have but these ones in Particular San Francisco Aug 9 2016 Honolulu Dec 8 2018 Hula Brisbane Feb 7 2017 Las Vegas Skull Nov 2 2019 Wellington Feb 2 2017 Miami Aug 8 2017 Philadelphia Oct 8 2017 Chicago Nov 6 2017
  4. I ordered an LE the day they were announced but being in Australia I'll be happy if it arrives before Christmas. I am a pinball guy as well as a GNR guy. The original GNR pinball by data east was my first machine 13 years ago and I still have it. NEVER selling it
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