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  1. GNR are done, the sooner you grasp - the better. Covid has onc and for all killed that endless bublegum called NITL. Axl 's vocal cords will be shut after a few year hiatus and that is pretty much it, done/finito/basta/ende/fini.thing positively, we will always have Saskatoon '93, Paris '92, Chicago '92, Rio '91, BA '93. and we will be spared of Frank playing under GNR moniker. Iz there a chance to see them playing again? Maybe. if Iz/Gilby step in and sing 14 Years, DTTJ, Don't cry, Its so easy...Will it be same, hell no. Probably small venue sized gigs, but it will be as
  2. The other day, I decided to give this line up a fair chance, Went to ytb, opened up Rio 2017 and by the time YCBM was over - I was just ' I can't'. I just cringed to how Axl sounds, how anti rock everything about Rich's stage presence is, how bad Frank plays, how little chemistry there is between Slash/Duff and everyone else between themselves (Rich sorta for himself, Frank too, Melissa needn't mention...). I was once again watched Rio '91, Saskatoon '93, Chicago '92, Miami '91...They all had fun there, there was chemistry present, Slash/Duff/Gilby/Matt/Iz interacted with each other
  3. they were better musicians on the UYI's, the songs were more complexed, drums more bombastic. I also never liked how AFD was speed up in mix, while UYI had the real tempo. Other than My World and Bad Obsession there is not a song I would cut out. UYI's were the albums I listened to most in my liife and I can just say as magnificent as the day they came out. Estranged, November Rain and Estranged, Dead Horse, Back off, Bad Apples, Don't damn me...Breakdown, Locomotive, Pretty tied up...Civil war, Get in the ring....Right next door, DDTJ...YCBM, Don't cry.... Seriously, yo
  4. as I said before... goes t prove what they have is not on the level with GNR 1987-91, and they won't release any junk. The longer this goes for, the bigger the leverage Iz will get that call about bigger share
  5. even after sooooo many years down the line there are still some people who don't understand that this band is inactive if there is no news. nobody is touring for over a year, very few are in the studio and Axl sure as hell is not one of them. what news are you expecting? Axl sitting on his porch watching sun set as he did yesterday and the day before and the day before... There is a reason why Ax/Slah/Duff didn't release original music since 1991, if you didn't understand by now, do so.... there is no chemistry in this band that used to be there 1986 to UYIs, and they will
  6. Absolutely. That's why when the question is 'what would you...' you can't satisfy all but say your opinion. My opinion is that all replacements after Gilby were laughable. Personality, style, in one word - fit. Someone else will diasagree, yet we should all get along and respect each other opinions... My opinion, GNR as a band can't top Paris'92, Saskatoon '93 in any other formation. That is the band I want to see, no make up, McDonald hats, emo boys...this is not KISS
  7. uhmmmm...no, just no. there is much more to playing in a band than being just 'technical'. maybe some would. but there would always be some when it omes weather/cars/women/beverages/food.
  8. When was this 2011, 2014...? now I am totally bummed. You guys in Holland DID know that Slash/Duff/Iz/Gilby/Matt were long gonne before purchasing the tickets, even though the show was marketed as GNR, right!?
  9. As I said, that info was from the links posted HERE. No need to be cynical, it wouldn't have to be too hard to search the internet for ticket sales of ie 2015, 2014, 2012...,given I already told you where to look. Furthemore, I will tell you that booking Axl band in 2012 was already possible for under 200k. (and yes, I do know ppl whose agency booked 2 shows on the European leg 2012).
  10. Half a million!?!? That MUCH? I am bummed. Honestly guys, I hate to bring you the truth, but back in the day, billboard was bringing out facts about sales - down to the ticket. outside US and London, they hardly exceeded over 2,500 tix on a solo gig basis. They played 10k Arenas that were 1/5 full Do some research, those links were posted here back in the day
  11. I am an old school Europe fan Saw them last about 10 years ago. Album wise their peak for me ended with Prisoners in Paradise (the record label changed the executives as they recorded that album so they kept cutting down their track listing, which resulted in many great songs being cut out (Here comes the night, Yesterdays news....). I kept on buying theirrecords as they came out, liking Last look at eden and Bag of Bones best, but I became done with them from War of kings onwards. Instead of sounding like Europe, they now sound like Deep Purple d side album after album. Complete
  12. Guns N Roses album with Ax/Slash/Duff on it sure as hell will not be under UYI/AFD standard/masterpiece. What other main ingredient (key as Canter has put it) did they have on those albums? Izzy. Secondly, sure as hell Axl, no matter how loyal and cheap Frank is, won't have Frank ruin his album with Slash and Duff on it. This is something completely different to that album with Chickenfoot, Cashba, who else not. THey want to get this as close as possible to UYI/AFD, if anything ever comes out. No other chance to correct if they slip on this one.
  13. Sadly for Europe, I heard few people mix them up with TOTO over the years...I mean Europe had 5, 6 serious records, they seriously don't deserve shit being thrown at them just cause ppl associate them with Carrie and TFC
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