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  1. i'd say they were on 3 different levels Izzy became sober Slash was always workable, he was a user but never allowed usage to get in his way to the point he couldn't play. Adler was a wreck and Duff not too far but also workable
  2. I know Slash always remembers, also never fails to wish HB Izzy, Gilby, Matt...Basically, we can say he is in good terms with them, now for GNR, I don't remember they ever wished Adler HB but could be wrong... Reunion is inevitable, for that is te trick Axl pulls when tix sales soar. Is now the word? Possible. That Australian skull poster was quiet odd too
  3. In the early 2000's to about 5,6 years ago, I was big into trading bootlegs, with life priorities changig it ceased down. Back in the day I used Traders little helper, what are the best converters people use in 2021? Thanks
  4. hopefully paying out Izzy's share and signing off Ferrer's good bye check
  5. Well..TBC had that southern rock vibe/sound on all their albums, it was their trademark, both on the albums before Marc and after him, that depended much more on Robinson brothers, it would have probably not sounded same as it did, how it would - it is up in the stars
  6. I did know about Marc Ford earlier, but not even I (as ahuge Gunner and TBC fan) knew this. If I did, I would have asked Rich about it earlier, will do next time and will write here what he says. As for Marc, yes, UYI band would have been an interesting fit for him, but Nu Guns had 0 to do with rock and him being rock or blues rock guitarist I just don't see how he would have fit in that band.
  7. Iz was GNR, as is Slash/Axl/Duff/Adler. Matt/Dizzy/Gilby could be considered GNR in a way too, as one replaced the one leaving on his own terms and the other replacing founding member who was unable to play on, after that it became a replacement of a replacement of a replacement. Gilby fit the band perfectly not only playing but also image wise check ie. Ashba, Bucket, Robin....
  8. that move is inevitable. Ticket sales are plumming with NITL entering its 5th year, it is either that or new album, guess which one Axl preffers? Of course, covid didn't help Axl either. If not now, it will be down the line eventually.
  9. over the years there were a lot of ppl who heard that the relationship between Slash/Duff and the hired guns was not all roses. then there were some pro Frank minorities who got really offended, up to the point they couldn't get over that and even banned ppl who were not to keen on Frank for 'where is your proof'. Well here is something that I don't recall being discussed here, from Fortus himself. Enjoy! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/richard_fortus_admits_slash__duff_struggled_to_adapt_to_new_gnr_drummer_during_reunion_says_buckethead_definite
  10. Izzy was GNR, he left on his own terms and then came Gilby, who was a great fit in every aspect, THEN onwards band became an akward comedy of apperance with numerous characters who were rather bizzare and in most cases had 0 rock n roll presence. Basically a revolving door of people not even Axl would be able to remember in 2021
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