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  1. why does everyone mention Duff and Axl communicating during Prince' death in this topic!? of course they communicated at that time, they jut flew in from GNR show and Slash was asked about Prince at the airport. Prince died after the 3 reunited.
  2. Actually, NO! So continue laughing and mixing up people/topics/posters. No wonder you are laughing so much.
  3. You can't blame them. Last thing you heard with Slash and Duff - Illusions. 30 years later first thing you hear with Slash and Duff - Hardskool and Absurd. They seriously should rethink retiering before going further downhill with GNR moniker
  4. You are the reason I think this forum became a nut house. I am not even German dumbass, but good job insulting a whole nation. Good thing your sense of humor is so good, maybe you can share some more of your xenophobic humor and get yourself banned
  5. No, really...How old are you? Don't worry, you would've missed it, just like previous few thousand times. Some people were just not given
  6. ? I see you missed Gilby's interview few weeks back. Funny how ppl on this board think they know better relations between the people then they do. What a fuckin' nut house this forum has become.
  7. Ax texts Gilby, that much we know. he, obviously, doesn't have any contact to Iz
  8. it was hard to miss the point but you've managed! #speakingofownuniverse #frankisthatyouoristhismel?
  9. Pink compared to fuckin' Mel, Frank, Dizzy, Fortus, Buckethead, Absha...is a fuckin' icon! Imagine '91-'93 someone told Slash and Duff to turn around and imagine Mel with her green hair standing in the left corner!? Frank playing drums... It is less of a problem that Pink plays with Guns, the problem is that Guns became the parody of that band Guns was.
  10. now this song is seriously bad! The worst song ever that came out from Ax/Slash/Duff collaboration. There is no chance this would end up on AFD-UYI. Ok, My World did, but still. It sounds like a cross over of Sex Pistols ripp off and Prodigy. NOW is really time to get Iz back before they overshadow 1985 - 1993 era with an epic train wreck. Get back old bad, old sound, there was enough damage done last 28 years it would be a shame to drag GNR moniger deeper into more shit
  11. exactly! everyone is entitled to spend THEIR money on what THEY want to. rincredible how some ppl don't understand sarcasm and winded up they get as if someone will forbid them to go to concerts. hey, go up to Frank/Fartus/Mel and stick them 10k each as far as I care
  12. what are trying to say, apart from you? this is to silly to be taken further amen btw, and you are exactly who?
  13. where did I reffer to you? read before you answer I can say what I want, that is what the boards are for.
  14. I would preffer the word hopeful in a band that became hopeless 25 years ago Amen. Not much hope left.
  15. did you ever think that this board is for something else then promoting your silly podcasts? ie, let ppl discuss band and its music? Don't recall anyone being a smart ass to you once you whined about being disspointed in a band and giving up, how many posts did you write about that, like 500? it is called a freedom of speach. Anyway, why do you care if you gave up on the band months ago 'that guy'? You like what I say, fine, you don't - take a hike.
  16. to everyone who bought tickets, I hope you guys see Iz/Gilb/Matt/Steve on stagae instead of Frnk/Mel/Fartus or you can feel you burned your $ for nothing
  17. I never mentioned original or not. I said when it stopped looking like a serious cool rock union aka band. Eg.,Saskatoon and Buenos Aires yes, after Buenos Aires July 17th - no.
  18. i can't believe there are actually people out there that still didn't grasp that GNR band stopped existing in 1993. THAT was band. Everything else - silly little tribute band.
  19. No offence...but how realistic is that Slash even heard of Stone Roses!? As I said, I know they were iconic in UK, but in the rest of Europe, hardly anyone knows a song, not to say people in Italy, Germany, Croatia, Austria, Portugal...hardly heard of Stone Roses. Hell...Apart from Oasis, Blur..., if it wasn't for Beautiful ones or Common People, nobody would even know of Suede or Pulp and THAT WAS 25 years ago. Also, remember that Oasis and Blur outside of UK, unless a festival, never played a bigger venue in the rest of Europe. Oasis at their peak played venues like Huxley's neue welt in Berlin (850 cap), Offenbacher stadthalle (slightly bigger) and a show here or there in Spain. None of those bands really ment much outside UK. GNR were the BIGGEST band on the planet, selling out football stadiums wherever they wanted, Slash played venues bigger than those on global level with Snakepit.
  20. never happend. IDK why some ppl bring that up all the time as a fact. SR were irrelevant outside UK, pretty much like Oasis never made it past clubs outside of Europe/UK. Slash was one of the biggest global icons at that time. Slash also denied there was any talks between him and them. there you go
  21. Does really anyone need Axl to tell them why reunion happend and why Slash is not the cancer anymore? He couldn't sell out jack s..t anymore, nobody gave a flying f..k about his solo band and the only way he could earn money again was with Slash and Duff. Now covid going away, him not being able to sing anymore, NITL running its course and tickets sales dropping since the last tour, what genius move will he think of next?? Hm, hm...? Hint - Maybe splitting loot is not such a bad idea if Fernando can rebook same places for another 3 year run.
  22. with Axl texting Gilby, there sure was a lot of patching lately. once he patches enough not to have Rich, Mel, Frank, maybe he could call the next album Patches
  23. I see you missed out completely on the GNR 90's hype... All the behind the scenes, live coverages...hell even making fucking videos triology. Give you a hint, watch their 90's performances, look who played in Snakepit, Neurotic outsiders, on Gilby's/Duff's record... That is called - chemistry.
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