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  1. Where did the "Slash and Duff will just re-record some stuff from old CD leftovers"-talk come from? Just fans going down a spiral turning it into some accepted reality -- or has any band member said that they will go back using Axls old stuff? I would think the odds are greater that Slash, Duff and Axl starts from zero or go back to the Illusions or Appetite sessions to find something, and not that Axl comes dragging in 20 year old songs from the other band asking Slash to replace a solo but keeping the vocals etc. Hard School being soundchecked, might be an argument against that ofc. If
  2. I'd argue that the "Dave A never played with a big band after PJ" argument that often comes up in relations to Dave A has never not been moot.
  3. Finally got my account registered. Tried to register and post this when the first set of interviews came out. Stumble upon this being a Pearl Jam fan. Never seen or heard anything about Dave's involvement in GnR other than "Dave A worked with GnR for a moment in the late 90s". But he opens up about it here. Mostly in the last one from a few days ago. Some insight into the mid to late 90s GnR. Ep. 4 - David Abbruzzese: From Eddie Vedder to Axl Rose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5HgrNPjprE Ep. 21 - David Abbruzzese: Axl Rose Trusted Me to Steer the Ship https://youtu.be/NqHSyuYN29
  4. First time I'm hearing him talk about it. And I'm a Pearl Jam, so would know I guess. It's somwhere in the beginning. In short: Became friends with Axl. Talked on the phone a lot. Played with the band and recorded stuff, that will never surface. Was told that Axl would quickly get tired of this new band-idea and get Slash back sometime and then Dave A bailed. https://youtu.be/D5HgrNPjprE
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