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  1. I would love to see Axl on family guy. It would be hilarious to see Stewie and Axl sing "Down on the Farm", because of his British accent.
  2. I love the song and I'm a person that hates rap. The best version of it is the 88' one obviously cause it's more instrumental, in comparison with the one that they performed in Tokyo 1992. I'm not saying that it sucks, I just think the rock n roll version is better than the more funky version. But overall - love it.
  3. Axl sounding like 87-93 era for sure. It's the only thing that really bugs me about GN'R cause I'm sure that they'll release new stuff sooner or later. Not sure about the AFD line-up, but I like to think that they'll regroup. I think that Axl's voice can get better but there's no way he'll ever sound like he sounded back in the day.
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