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  1. I think guns are done until the next leg was a great run 2 new songs a EP release date they changed up the set list a bit so I give them credit they did more then I thought they would only thing that would be cool and help the next leg of the tour is a movie just like the dirt but why better that would really bring in new fans and keep old and hardcore fans happy and hyped up or how about axl rose getting a star on the walk of fame it’s time slash has one axl should have one too
  2. Hard school what’s the brig deal really a reworked song it’s not a completely new song yes it’s great to have more songs but really it’s about the band and they put on the best show tonight for sure and the set list was good they will play it but bet they hold off only 5 shows left need more gas to power the machine the next run we will are should have a full album or EP at least that’s the tour I will see new set list some stage changes and restrictions will be less I’m sure as things get better
  3. The crowd is sad ass sauce 😂😂😂😂 yuppies up the ass no surprise glad I didn’t go too this festival but hey guns are getting a really good pay day I bet
  4. Does any body know about a live stream tonight
  5. Hard school nope they will use it on there own gig not a festival where it’s not all guns fans that would be a waste silk worms will be enough the lyrics anyways too get them yuppies all worked up 🤣 pussy full of maggots bring it home to night guns show the crowd what a real rock band is considering the line up shouldn’t be that hard 😳🤣
  6. Guns will kick some ass tonight as it would be the show that matters most too attract new fans the younger crowd plus this might be the night we get a special guest foo fighters maybe Dave will jump on stage for a song are 2 a little warm up for there slot tomorrow night ? Napa is a pretty trendy up scale event So this would be there best chance too blow the festival up get them hipsters and yuppies tossed go all out bring it 🔥 too that festival guns need a good push right now let’s hope they go 💯 percent they need too at best match foos show tomorrow night “””
  7. Tickets are over priced but when it’s the day before the show cheap no problem TM are pros and know must people will buy tickets for full pop so they can plan a head but I just wait for shows that are in my area wait down too the night before bam cheap deals Guns in LA floor seats under $100.00 all the shows are doing ok but not a Hugh demand the Napa bottle festival now you will pay full or close too it but I will not ever go to another one too hyped up too many half ass bands plus so expensive everything parking food drinks etc.. napa bottle is a Hugh $$$$$ grab for all bands so I get why they do them but it’s not 2 days of great bands it’s not a rock festival it’s a blind of all types of music Hard pass ... more of a Facebook Instagram look at me moment 😂
  8. Corporate is the new Guns N’ Roses “ they have tons of money and are clean and sober for most part living very well no problems = no huger low drive too get new fan base the gravy train baby no not the cheap night train a there old friend mr brown stone the danger the what the hell will happen at the next guns show will axl get pissed off and jump in to the crowd to knock some body’s head in for talking shit about the last album sucks cock 🤣 will axl show up will they tell of the media the press and other fucks Nope no need too it’s called playing it same and collecting a big pay day stick too the same formula cause it’s working and Guns N’ Roses are a name brand just as big as Nike Toyota corporate business done
  9. They haven’t played it well because $$$$ hello It’s the extra that there holding on too hard school will be played not in this lifetime 😂 next tour new songs for now this it suck it up enjoy
  10. Well I no hard school 😂 same set but really not surprised Vegas was the last hope for me too the guy that say Chinese Democracy sucks please what a true dip shit that album is great goes too show have the people that go too the shows now just go for the name and the hits that’s it and that’s why guns will do the shows take the $$$$ and move too the next gig pure and simple Guns N’ Roses is a brand name and even if they didn’t want to become sale outs they are but still a die hard fan but no surprise guest no new real music it’s a shame come on now dj ashba bubble foot bucket head would do it for free Steven Adler very cheap are even free Matt Sorum ? The last run was was better glad I saw it dodgers stadium was on 🔥 Adler on drums just a little extra goes a long way hard school will be a teaser for a long time after tonight no way they played the markets that should of been the new song oh well still over all good show
  11. The place is packed in pretty good “ did better then I thought which is good guns sound good as well but the crowd is sad sauce really I saw them 2017 tour and I mad sure i was in the pit and was all over it but even then it was a bit sad there where people just standing there like zombies wtf I miss slayer they fucking tore the roof off ever show I went too pure energy from the crowd
  12. I know it’s not happening 😂🤣 they will continue too play to half way filled stadiums never said it was but would be the best move by far 2023 Guns n Roses new album new tour with Metallica pure 🔥 sold out in every market ,,,,,, no problem
  13. The heat wow looking at the prices of tickets cheap real cheap as of right now pit tickets $125.00 too get in the door $26.00 This date is hurting as far as ticket sales go thought they do well in LV .? But get it the market is washed up for guns they played this tour to long and with out any real new music are any guest appearances like Steven Adler or even Matt Sorum and not promoting enough it’s not good and the factor that Covid is still spreading and not stopping plus I think Wolfe Van Halen is great but not a big draw right now give him a couple more years they should have a 3rd band like what they had set up smashing pumpkins or another bigger act too so stadiums Look I do not like nikkie sixx and the Cruë but they did make a good move holding off on touring this year and having more acts on the bill there run will do well not great but better then this one guns are doing it takes a lot too sale out stadiums with rock acts Now and just heard Paul Stanley got Covid KISS is another band that just can not stop when they should pause put out some new music and wait until things level out a bit with Covid and drop the ticket prices from the start not when it’s 2 days before a show I do not see Hard school being played tomorrow night now why ? It will not help much at this point play the rest of this tour and pull the plug regroup get a Ep are better a album out promote the shit out of it and change the set list aNd stage a bit with a new title for the tour and get a bigger act to co head line it still will be a good show I’m sure but not no block buster really it’s a easy out right now with Covid if I was team Brazil I say play LV then call it cancel not postpone shows scrap it and return with new album and a co headliner band tour
  14. True but would switch the set up k o h d heard it yawn
  15. 😂 absurd it’s ok but they need too make a real new fucking song not a reworked old song with a new title duff axl slash oh wait they are missing The 4th member that can write music and play guitar ? And really recall frank on drums bring pop corn Adler or Matt both had the grove for guns
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