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  1. Who agrees that Obscured by Clouds is the most underrated Pink Floyd album?
  2. It sounds more like an excuse for lack of desire or creativity, and that's fine, they're older guys, but in my opinion it doesn't make any sense for a fan to not want to hear new music from their favorite band, there's nothing more exciting than that, unless this one sucks and you say "okay, stop here, you're ruining your legacy".
  3. Interesting. I find it the worst song on the album and with the exception of My World and maybe Absurd, one of the worst in the band's catalog. I find the chorus unlistenable, Axl's ultra-processed voice doesn't help much. One of the very few GN'R songs I really don't like and never listen to. I really like If The World on the other hand.
  4. Velvet Revolver Buenos Aires: 2007 GN'R: Buenos Aires: 2010, 2014, 2016 La Plata: 2011
  5. Not only the riff, also the solo is mind blowing, my fav. Axl's vocals skills too.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised. Dizzy has been on every GN'R tour for the last 30 years. He must have filled those pockets pretty well.
  7. You Could Be Mine as the opening, that was really anecdotal. Which makes me think we could turn the page with It's So Easy by now, or at least, manage other alternatives.
  8. It's funny how they wrote so many great songs in such a short period of time (5/6 years I guess), something that other legendary bands might take 20 years, and then, almost nothing. GN'R was like the fat kid who ate the cake too fast on his birthday.
  9. Imagine Human Being. He would have to be rescued by a helicopter in the middle of the stage after the song was over. But hey, he's been torturing us with KOHD for the last 15 years. We'd be even. But seriously though, it would be nice to see The Garden back in the setlist and I think Axl would do it justice pretty well. Anyway, we'll never know why certain songs are resurrected and others aren't, you'd have to dive into Axl's head.
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