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  1. 1999 vocals with maybe some other stuff done to his vocals.
  2. The song is great. But if they didn't play it tonight big Fkkin deal. This was not a missed opportunity. If it's going out to the radios... and YouTube and all that stuff it will make just as much news as if they played it to Columbus Ohio. you a bunch of weirdos.
  3. Every chance was given for them to play the song. Maybe it happens very soon.
  4. If they release new music that will make more news than whether they played it or not. Becuz... this band never releases new music.
  5. If they won't play it then that's another topic.
  6. You think playing it tonight would make any difference to the public awareness of the new single?
  7. It makes no difference to the momentum if they play it tonight or not.
  8. Has this lineup ever played If The War Would End Today? I know they've done most of CD.
  9. Axl has his own timeline. and it is absurd.
  10. One of the best records of all time can fascinate people forever. These guys deserve the continued success. It's not easy to do. try it.
  11. They will play Hard School tonight, or I'm a monkey's uncle. now, please pass me a banana.
  12. I've always liked Silkworms.. Or at least the potential it seemed like it could have. Not a fan of this new chorus but the music sounds pretty awesome.
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