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  1. I remember searching for that clip myself but without luck. It was our first little bit of GNR-music with DJ on it and quite a few people were very open minded towards him because of his work with Beautiful Creatures. Then this soundguy-clip happened and I remember him talking about mixing a three-guitar-band and putting each guitarist on solo, muting the others. Ron was described as a very tasteful guitar player, playing little fills along the verses. Then the main-solo happened and well... It was a good decision to abandon the plan of letting DJ play the whole thing. It was already assumed, that the soundguy could get in trouble for posting that clip and it was quickly removed. As it was often stated. I simply will never understand from a players point of view, how DJ with his skills was ever a guitarist in GNR given that in my opinion even fan-guitarists could outplay him everyday.
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