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  1. Any other guitar players here? Have you seen the rig rundowns? i’ve personally never seen Fortus using killswitch technique or having one installed in his whole collection of guitars that he ‘s shown in all of the interviews, i think that BH is not credited because of those seconds were just saved as a sample. Obviously Fortus is capable of installing a 15$ killswitch button and exactly replicate that sound so they don’t have to credit BH i guess but whatever that’d be weird
  2. That sounds like Gordon Ramsay judging a GnR song. Bland, unfinished, disgusting... (calls waitress)... can you take this song back? Yeah it's not good... thank you my darling. Camera points at confused Axl Rose in the kitchen: Camera back at GR: That song wasn't even fresh, dreadful, wHat A sHaMe! Jokes aside it's the best leaked instrumental of the bunch (for me, my favorite), so the real shame is that it might never see the light.
  3. Well exactly at this time we got an answer: it won't even make it to any setlist
  4. Wow ... They didn't even acknowledged it's existence at any point of the show
  5. Oh my fucking GOD... and Axl is sounding the best of 2021.. they've even played hard unusual songs, but not playing HS wtf, it was released, cool, but man ONE thing is for certain, they are absolutely not a band anymore, just a weird musical entity - society with a famous name...
  6. Wow literally one more chance after DCRY and that's it...
  7. A second Jurassic period is already gonna happen when they finish this shit
  8. Man I can't fucking believe this, it seems that they are actually not going to play it, this feels like the vegas concert at the raiders stadium
  9. At this point they are gonna play Rhiad before HardSkool
  10. After all, is GnR, like that guy said, released canceled, and no live performance = another day in the office for their fans 😂
  11. Man fuck this now I genuinely think there is a possibility that they don't play shit, as crazy as it sounds
  12. I agree, ( for me ) only YJM can do that and not sound lame
  13. I think it's time to start making fun of this 3 hour pentatonic lick session too
  14. They should drop this Civil shit lol for some reason it sounds lame after Absurd
  15. Fuck me before every song he gives a speech as if they were going to play it
  16. Who else is nervous, I hope he announces a new album as well and I don't care if the release date is on christmas
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