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  1. Yes, there's a bit of a processed, programmed drums vibe, but I reckon Slash's surf-rock (!) feel adds a lot of warmth. Pretty cool all in all.
  2. I wouldn't mind this sort of thing so much if they showed any sort of forward momentum.
  3. Fortus is cool by me, but sometimes I think his stylist is getting him close to a cool Ron Wood/Izzy thing, only to ultimately decide on Rock n Roll Action Figure 101.
  4. That's pretty cool. I grew up across the pond, but I loved A Dogs Tale as a kid and still have my Slice of Heaven 7 inch single!
  5. I suspect it would be a situation where if they can't go to Aus (which seems likely), they'd also postpone the NZ shows. Would make economic sense, although it'd be a drag. Hopefully they'll get their jandals on soon enough. I Wanna Be Your Dog (From Footrot Flats)
  6. Apologies if this has already been knocking around on the forums. From The Quietus in 2014, https://thequietus.com/articles/15020-liars-angus-andrew-favourite-albums?page=5 "One of the ways to understand an album’s influence is to gauge how it’s evolved with you over time. This record came out when I was about nine or something. At that age most of what was going on within GN’R’s music and around the band went right over my head. I remember even being turned off by the artwork. What did turn me on though was of course the massive hit ‘Sweet Child O’Mine’. So much so that I started sporting the bandana headband and growing my hair out like Axl Rose. It’s a great song, no doubt. Slash’s guitar solo particularly just blew my mind. Still, like I said, the rest of the album and whatever Guns N’ Roses stood for was quite beyond me and I was happy to go back to listening to ‘Rockit’ by Herbie Hancock. Then my teenage years came around and once again Appetite… was in full rotation. This time though I was primed to go deeper. I remember I had a girlfriend called Michelle and so of course ‘My Michelle’ became my dirge. The references to drugs and porn not only made sense to me but now I could connect with them. It felt like my life was just catching up to the imagery of the record. All these things I’d been hearing about from this band that went over my head as a youngster, I now felt like I had a real association with. And so I dove in. I don’t want to say Appetite… made me want to chug Jack Daniels and smoke cigarettes, but in fact it did. Later, in my 20s when I first found myself in Los Angeles this record once again loomed large. I was living outside of LA at art school and Aaron and I would drive down on the weekends to the most seedy places we could find on the Sunset Strip to dance and see bands and do bad things. Of course this was the playground that birthed Appetite… so it only felt natural for us to crank ‘Rocket Queen’ as we slugged back beers on the freeway. This was also the time period when I first began to make music so the album kind of morphed from just a purely visceral and graphic listen to an understanding of its pure and unadulterated musical prowess. The songs, playing and flow of the record just blossomed my appreciation for what a group of people making sounds together could achieve. To this day I’m in awe that this record was created. It’s one of those rare gems that the band had no hope of improving with their follow-up releases. It just wasn’t possible."
  7. Yeah, personally I'd like a surprise drop without liner notes at first. Usually I prefer having all the liners in hand, but with a GnR surprise drop I could check out the music and kvetch about all the weird Frankenstein credits later on (Huge/Pitman/Wylde/Hudson/Thal/Shaq/May/Moby/McKagan)
  8. I'm also just enjoying seeing the tension of a new song (or at least a song that's new to much of the audience) hanging in the air at a GnR show. It's nice to wonder how it's hitting with everyone. Like a fool I was expecting to see that happen in 2016, but I'm feeling forgiving - especially if the good vibes keep coming.
  9. while the studio version of ABSUЯD still doesn't really do it for me (maybe at the moment I feel I know too much about "how the sausage gets made" when it comes to that track...20 years worth of sausage!) - I gotta say I feel like the live version kinda kicks. The band locks in and it's nice to hear the vocal without all the processing.
  10. My aunt got me a ticket to a Motley Crue show years ago (I'm by no means a fan, but she's awesome and needed a show buddy). We're not po faced people, but we wound up leaving during Tommy Lee's TittyCam (TM). At one point Tommy was harassing a young woman to get her boobs out for the cameras (while also encouraging the crowd in a chant of 'GET. THEM. OUT' or some shit). "Come on baby, they're just titties, I'll bust my shit out for you!" Seeing this woman (probably about 18/19 years old) reluctantly acquiesce to Tommy was the absolute lowlight of my concert-going life. My aunt went and got a refund on her merch and we drove home feeling deflated. Fuck those guys.
  11. Teflon indeed. I was just thinking about Wyman the other day. I wonder if his retreat from the public eye has been to avoid heat for his weird (or ultimately criminal) behaviour. I'm a Stones fan and I'm holding on to their LPs, but I wouldn't have bought tickets to see 'em if Bill was still there. I don't judge people harshly if they feel otherwise, I believe we can all draw the line where we want - I just don't think rockers like Wyman (or others who come to mind) can be defended in the same way that say Jerry Lee Lewis can (i.e. weird as it sounds to urban folks in the 21st century, marrying your 13 y.o. cousin wasn't that strange in 1950s Louisiana...) Interesting in the case of Morrissey where his apparent 'cancellation' isn't due to sexual indiscretions, but rather an alignment with the hard-right and awful statements like referring to Chinese people as a 'subspecies'. As much ire as it has provoked, I don't think many/any of my left-leaning friends have thrown out their Smiths records, and I know he's been embraced by some conservative folks as a result of the controversy. Pre-Covid he still seemed to be filling live venues, so sometimes it seems 'cancellations' are a shift in audience demography. Anyway, maybe he'll end up on a double-bill at a county fair with that dingdong from Staind sometime I'm a fan of some of Kanye West's records and have enjoyed his shows, but I found his recent embrace of Marilyn Manson and Da Baby to be a cynical publicity stunt rather than something which pointed towards mercy or redemption. It might also be tough to tell if someone like Manson has been 'cancelled' or is simply washed up? One other thought...I'm not really sure that GnR is a safer/tamer entity these days on account of being 'woke' or 'PC', as some like to accuse them of. It seems far more likely that Axl has done a fair bit of growing up, especially in the last 10 years or so. Of course they're not going to be the raging, raw-nerve group they were in their youth. Geez...I could go on with these tangents for way too long. I should probably stop this stream of consciousness that's probably getting off topic!
  12. they were better than those dudes from a few shows ago who'd be talking about random shit until a recognisable part came up. "The parking near my kid's school is terrible, they really need t...DO YUHH NEED SOME TAAAAAHHHHMMM AWN YEROWNE!?"
  13. I'm started to get invested in Joe Williams' conversations (less so his singing)
  14. Looking forward to hearing this. And also can't help but think how weird it would be to play in a band that contemplates setlist additions for two years before (hopefully) carrying them out. It's a whole 'nuther world up there.
  15. I checked out Wichita on a stream of a recent show and it was still a definite highlight for me. Easily my favourite cover of their set at the moment. As much as I love the Stooges, I Wanna Be Your Dog feels a bit like punk (as fuck) cabaret...but it's still good to have something new/different in there.
  16. cheers for being so on top of the live streams @cineater
  17. yeah, I dig it. Would like to hear it recorded. The tasteful arrangement is at odds with Axl's costume jewellery!
  18. https://stevemascord.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/guns-nroses-sydney-entertainment-centre-1988/
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