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  1. Even tho they were released as two separate albums it's one body of work. I voted Illusion 1. Right Next Door To Hell is a killer opening track. Then the brilliant Dust N Bones. Coma at the end is an epic rocker. In between you've got the fast and furious Perfect Crime and Garden Of Eden. The killer trio of Bad Obsession, Back Off Bitch and Double Talkin Jive. You Ain't The First is brilliantly bluesy and sarcastic. You've got hits like Don't Cry, Live And Let Die and November Rain. The lyrics to Don't Damn Me perfectly sum Axl up too.
  2. I'm trying to be optimistic. The rest of NZ is meant to go down to level one midnight Tuesday. It's Australia I'm worried about. If they don't come to Aussie then NZ is doubtful even if it's safe. If they plan to fucking cancel or postpone the NZ dates the band and promoters should just spit it out like they've just done with Mexico. The guy who runs one stadium speculating doesn't help. We need an official confirmation or denial so people can cancel flights, accommodations etc... Just fucking let us know already.
  3. Maybe it's not a done deal that they're cancelling yet. Maybe they're trying to find a way to make it work safely. But I agree that if the shows are going to be cancelled it'd be better to let people know sooner rather than later.
  4. From Auckland but live in Nelson now. Seen Guns in Auckland 93, Auckland 07 night one and Wellington 2017. This November or whenever it's rescheduled will be my fourth time seeing Guns. Also saw Rockstar Supernova with Gilby in 07 in Christchurch.
  5. Sure thing. Be nice to have a beer with some Guns fans/NZ MYGNR members. Whether the initial shows go ahead or are rescheduled. Which part of the country are you in?
  6. Nah, just a seat in the stadium. I've got arthritis in my feet and my mosh pitting days are behind me lol. If I'm gonna see a headline act play a three hour show I'd rather sit with a couple of beers and enjoy it. But that's just me.
  7. Lol. I've got the soundtrack/solo album by Dave Dobbyn. I remember being delighted when Guns played Auckland in 07 that Dizzy's piano solo was Don't Dream It's Over by NZ band Crowded House. Goes to show that you can get pleasant surprises at shows.
  8. Please if any shows don't happen this year let them be rescheduled not cancelled. God knows with covid and everything else people need things like this to look forward to.
  9. There's been more problems with delta in Aussie than NZ. If they don't come to NZ, there's no way they're going to Australia. I'm booked to see them in Wellington NZ.
  10. https://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/guns-n-roses-nz-tour-unlikely-go-ahead Well shit. I hope this doesn't get cancelled. I've been so looking forward to this.
  11. Let's just be grateful the bicycle shorts phase ended in 93 and never came back.
  12. I never said the next album would be a best of. Just that the only reason for Chi Dem tracks to be rerecorded would be for a best of. I do think a new album is relatively close. I would say I'm surprised that Guns didn't release a double live album and a DVD/Blu Ray of the reunion tour. But with this band and their management we've all learned to lower our expectations. It's insane tho. If they could do one for "Appetite For Democracy" surely a similar release with a largely reunited band should be a no brainer Thank God for good quality bootlegs huh.
  13. Well at least they do t shirt designs that are unique to each city they play in. I'll have to see how much the hoody is in NZ dollars at the merch table. In 2017 I settled for three t shirts and a tour program. I hear that the current tour programs haven't changed much. I'll probably get a couple of t shirts and a hoody.
  14. Well Silkworms/Absurd is an old song but a recorded version has never been released until now. The only way I see Slash, Duff and the current band rerecording any Chi Dem tracks is if they were for a best of album.
  15. Whatever it's called it won't be Chinese Democracy 2. Maybe it'll be called Not In This Lifetime.
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