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  1. Just a fun thread for the hell of it. What's everyone's ringtones from Guns and current or ex members? Me: The Gospel Truth, Beggars And Hangers On, Cure Me Or Kill Me and This Don't Look Like Vegas from the solo albums. Jungle, It's So Easy, You Could Be Mine, Paradise City, Sweet Child and Chinese Dem from Guns.
  2. I know Axl plays piano on the studio version. But this is really the song where Dizzy really shines live. I mean he's solid on everything but this in particular.
  3. Well three obviously ones. Pink's guested on Patience live. Dave Grohl has guested with Guns and Axl, Slash and Duff with the Foos. I can imagine Myles doing a one off song live with Guns if he were in town.
  4. It won't be the exact same show at all. They've already released and started playing two new singles. By this time next year there will be a new album out and they'll be playing lots of new tracks live. They've started to shake up the setlist. My favorite song You're Crazy is back. I've already rebooked accommodation and changing flights will be simple. Things are only as hard as you make them.
  5. Musically it sounds great. Axl not so much. Let's be optimistic. First time played live. Maybe he'll get better. At least it's finally been played live.
  6. Well rescheduled is better than cancelled. But another thirteen months. Damn. Fucking covid.
  7. Yeah but upon closer inspection that Auckland gig replaces Dunedin. Yeah. So delete the second thread. Or merge it with the original and alter the title to include Aussie. Not hard.
  8. With respect can I ask why my original "NZ tour in doubt" thread has been locked instead of merging this thread into my original one and adding Aussie to the title?
  9. Great. Now Aucklanders can stop crying about how they didn't get a show. And before anyone gives me grief I grew up in Auckland. But I travelled to Auckland in 07 and Wellington 17 for Guns and Christchurch 07 for Gilby/Supernova. Plus again for Guns in 22. And many other shows by different artists. Indeed bro.
  10. Why? Maybe merge the separate thread someone just created about the dates being rescheduled into this one. But no. Whether fans are gutted their shows have been postponed, happy they've been rescheduled, a bit of both or any other feeling. In these depressing covid times I think it's more important than ever to talk/discuss shit. Even something as miniscule as a rock show. Hey if others feel different then cool, lock it. Just my two cents.
  11. Just read the announcement saying Aussie and NZ shows rescheduled for a years time. Better than just being cancelled I guess but man this sucks. Only thing cheering me up is that surely this time next year an album will have dropped and they'll be playing new stuff.
  12. Well shit. I have a ticket to this year's Wellington show 😢. I'm guessing that ticket just stays valid for the rescheduled 2022 Wellington date? This sucks. Was so looking forward to this.
  13. In all seriousness I enjoyed Dizzy's "Rock N Roll Ain't Easy" and Gilby's "The Gospel Truth" albums much more than anything Slash has done recently.
  14. I get that any song ideas Axl's Nu GN'R members came up with would stay under Axl's control. If it was just the music I'd agree they might tackle it. But I don't see Duff wanting to sing the old bass players song. I guess we'll see when an album comes out.
  15. Guns. Then the first Slash's Snakepit line up, then the second Slash's Snakepit line up, then Slash feat Myles Kennedy and the band with the longest name ever.
  16. We've had two singles. I don't want just another song. Time for an album or two.
  17. Gilby Clarke - The Gospel Truth, Tim Finn and Phil Manzanera - Caught By The Heart and Crowded House - Dreamers Are Waiting. All released this year.
  18. Absurd and Hard Skool by Guns. Album wise: Tim Finn and Phil Manzanera Caught By The Heart, Crowded House Dreamers Are Waiting and Gilby Clarke The Gospel Truth.
  19. Wasn't Going Down a track Tommy wrote and did lead vocals on? Duff's not going to sing this. For the love of God and ear drums please no.
  20. As much as I generally agree that in a live setting Guns really didn't need a horn section, back up singers and a second keys player, I love the versions of Move To The City from this era. Duff's chugging bass, Slash's solos, Gilby's mean as rhythm guitar foundation, Matt going for it on the drums, Dizzy's piano and Teddy's keys solos. Even the horns sound funky as hell. Anyone else love this version?
  21. They'd have to do that anyway and knew that when the shows were announced.
  22. Journalists and one stadium owner speculating don't confirm anything. We need a denial or confirmation from the band and the promoter. Whatever's gonna be is gonna be. But let us know.
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