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  1. for the record, when I went to the garth drive-in a couple months ago, everybody was out of thier vehicles cheering, applauding, standing or sitting on blankets or lawn chairs. Few, if anyone, were crammed in thier vehicles...that would be miserable. and for those of you who'd rather option to sit on the couch home alone, that's cool. but you'd be missing out on a rather better option to hang with friends, family & fans
  2. i dropped on it. better than buying a ticket to sit on the couch, possibly alone. I dropped on the garth drive-in a couple months ago just to see what kind of experience it would be. it was a near concert experience. people were there safely separated for the most part. fans were cheering and partying like a real concert. it sort of reminded me of what it might of been like back in the day when fans would go to the movie theater or drive-in to see led zeppelins song remains the same. it may not be for everyone but what else is there to do and if guns did do a drive by it would likely be doub
  3. If you've heard Chris' covers before you know he can nail it down if he wants to. Looking forward to this. Thanks for posting!
  4. there is some pretty good gibson o6 on utube, rocket queen kicks ass! still odd to see bf with that trench coat on but that fucker can play
  5. i got into it. thank you GNR. it motivated me to plug in and jam to the dtj riff for the first time in forever, even though it was tuned to csharp,minor...apc.
  6. i think it's wild that billy howerdel is mentioned all over the chinese album yet surprised he didn't play a single note on it. find that hard to believe because he is a super guitarist and he obviously gelled well with josh. if there are rough cuts from chinese with axl, billy, and josh playing those songs those are the cuts i'd like to hear. i know the early rough demos i've been listening to lately that are bass heavy loud like irs, citr, twat, cd and beta make me wonder what chinese coulda shoulda sounded like. i'd like to hear any hidden gem with billy and josh on it. and for the rec
  7. though we will never know, i'd imagine back then if axl had done a solo type of thing and played the classics, the masses would of shown up to hear it no matter what. didn't tommy once say that axl could show up in the middle of corn field and people would flock to hear him...
  8. On SNL, Collin Yost just referenced Guns N Roses and Axl Roses recent twitter feud. "what have you done for america"
  9. good to see some healthy speculation floating around...some of the stories bubbling up are pretty cool to if true
  10. being I haven't heard many of the newest leaks, I've reverted to listening to the earliest cd leaks from the early 2000's and the early live performances pre 2006. they are all so beautifully bass heavy and resonate so much now, even with some of the minor recording flaws...chinese, irs, and catcher. with the 2020 pandemic it's as though they really fit the times...and then of course there is omg.
  11. end of dazies Any of ya'll seen that Dean Koontz book, the eyes of darkness, it talks about a pandemic in 2020 or Sylvia Brown's book, end of days, talks about the wuhan-400 virus.
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