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  1. As Noel Gallagher wrote in one of his shittest songs: True perfection has to be imperfect I know that that sounds foolish but it's true
  2. I'm thinking of The Beatles' Free As A Bird. Would HS be better if Axl were dead?
  3. Ah fuck it, I like it! As a matter of principles, I would prefer it to be a new song created by the current band, but as I said: fuck it! This rocks! The chorus is catchy as hell, and I love Axl's fast delivery, whenever the vocals were recorded.
  4. One french reviewer (Philippe Manoeuvre) adressed this when UYI was released and wrote: yeah, and the Sistine Chapel would have made a great postage stamp!
  5. Nitpicking: Jagger is hardly a contemporary. Axl was a baby when the Rolling Stones formed. It actually shows that it's possible to be a senior citizen and hold your own onstage.
  6. In 1992, a radio station in France had a contest to win tickets to the Paris show. The question was: how many members are there in GnR? My call got through and I replied: 6. And they didn't accept it! The fuckers didn't know about Dizzy and wouldn't hear me out. What a bummer that was!
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