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  1. This is what I think is happening... Slash said in an interview a while back that he was not sure of if physical albums were the way the industry is going or if they might just release individual songs...interesting after he did such a job of producing the first conspirators album recorded to tape and played live and then released in physical format. He really seemed to want to put out an old style record.im sure that's what he loves...but he mentioned the releasing singles, probably because he sees that that is the most likely thing for for to do. Now...as for gnr's plan... I reckon the reunion was basically for the touring. We know how much money they make on these tours and it's astronomical. After all this time gnr's legacy is forever tarnished (slash said years ago he wished Axl did a solo album so that if they reunited then the legacy wouldn't be tarnished), so slash rejoins and they go onstage and it can all crash with mickey mouse voice or whatever...they collect their cheques because people are willing to pay, that's business... Releasing music is obviously a very secondary thought for them all. Axl would want his songs to be released because he worked so hard on them and obviously because his vocals are better than he can do now. I'll bet that in the reunion contract there was a clause about the necessity to work on and release his recordings. (I say this because I was surprised that they are putting them out now since they could release new stuff, but since they are...)... I also think they will release a bunch of reworked unreleased Axl songs and see how people react to them. They will keep adjusting what they put out in reaction to the reaction of fans and the general public. They will eventually release a song that is totally new (probably from the stuff that velvet revolver had and they tried with Corey Taylor - slash said it was zeppelin like and much more what people would expect from them than the other VR stuff) I would say that when they release THIS song, then public reaction will be much bigger....the band will see that and follow it up with an album in the same vane...of course it will have a few Axl democracy demos reworked in there because they can't just slap him in the face with all of their stuff... They might release other reworked Axl songs online to try and drum up publicity for the album. Hard stool or absurd will not be on new albums. These releases are just buying time until new music comes out. They are a way to satisfy Axl too.
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