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  1. Axl is 1 of the last remaining bonafide "rockstars" that still holds some mystery. ppl like that & are drawn to those personalities. In 2021, most musicians/celebs are super accessible & doing every podcast on earth & yet we still have no clue what Axl's eating for breakfast or seeing paparazzi photos constantly of him out & about. On the rare occasion that he does sit down to speak, even his haters will knock you down to listen to him. he's a bit of a weirdo that most of us can relate to & he also has an inexplicable hypnotizing magnetism that draws ppl in like a drug. I may be biased bc I have been "in love" w/him all these years lol I last saw them on Sept. 8, 2021 & was right down in front behind barricade & he still had me mesmerized lol Axl isn't an attn whore & he still has "star" power bc he left the spotlight for a long ass time & when he reemerged, ppl of all ages were still interested & drawn to him as much as we all were in 1987
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