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  1. @dontdamnmeuyi2015 Did you watch Tiger King? A personality like his is why I'd feel unsafe in the USA. Give a gun to anyone who has anger issues. They get trigger happy at a lake, or at animals. I bet there's one person on every street in the world who can't manage their anger well. Some throw stuff, some get abusive. Legalising weapons is permissive for violence.
  2. I wasn't aware that there was a huge rift, however I expect that they invited Philip's few remaining blood relatives, because diplomacy comes first in their world. I happened to be at the Co-op shop at 3pm where there was a minute's silence. The tills were shut down and I just had to look for my Chipotle sauce without drawing any attention to myself.
  3. It's far easier to massacre a school with a machine gun than a knife though.
  4. Imagine a nation where guns were generally illegal. Some specialist police officers could use them if they were qualified. But regular police officers only have a baton and pepper spray. That's how the UK operates. Police aren't accidentally killing citizens. But neither are citizens killing the police nor each other. There will always be rogues, but the risk is greatly reduced. Guns create more problems than they solve. It's time to remove them from US society.
  5. Microchips aren't necessary when there's all the information to track us already in our phones.
  6. It doesn't offer the visual engagement of tennis nor football. It expect it's a really fun sport to play though. I watched the movie Moneyball last night and had no idea what was happening in the baseball scenes.
  7. Zero. From my understanding, she's always viewed this as a job for life, regardless of if it suited her personal preferences (according to The Crown, it hasn't). Prince Charles has carried out royal engagements on her behalf for several years. My mum met him once.
  8. Well that made me cry. I love that determination to return to seafaring after all this has happened. He's clearly very strong-minded to still have the ambition to become a captain. I hope the media coverage helps his case.
  9. 99 years old, had the most blessed of adult lives and did his job mostly well. Can't really be sad about that. My sympathies are with his family.
  10. A fantastic graphic. I could probably think of a normal GN'R Fans / MYGNRFORUM users Venn diagram. As GN'R has been a vehicle for peddling overpriced merchandise, merch could have an iceberg all of its own. From reissued 1990 tshirts at the top, with watches and scented candles in the middle, to super rare collectors items at the bottom Guns N' Roses has been the source of so many magically strange moments over the years. Who needs albums anyway? As we're looking at some weird mygnr moments, I think this is an appropriate place to post, that if any of you who have been here sinc
  11. I'm thinking about gender reversal in films. Miss Congeniality A hardworking, yet quirky male police officer has to do an undercover job as a Calvin Klein model. It's funny, heartwarming, and it turns out that he's already hot, so it's not a huge transformation. They made $212 million with exactly the same story featuring Sandra Bullock. My Big Fat Greek Wedding A man takes off his glasses and cardigan and marries a Greek woman. $241 million. I really need to get into show business.
  12. I'm glad that they patched things up. I remember Slash doing interviews for VR and being asked "When are GN'R reuniting?" and I don't recollect him saying "never" (though I could have missed that) but he said "VR is what I'm focusing on now". Sadly I think he must have known that Scott's days in the band were numbered. So perhaps there was a flicker of hope back then. I don't think GN'R will ever be the band they were and I'm at peace with that.
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