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  1. Cancelling all public flights from the start would have been a good idea. Let the airlines and associated industries take the brunt. Any emergency/diplomatic flights can be arranged by a chartered private flight. I understand that many passenger planes have been reappropriated for cargo. Sadly the British take the most foreign holidays of any nation. It's ingrained in our culture. People will just pay for a holiday on their credit card and worry about paying for it later. It's mainly due to the combination of terrible weather and the high cost of holidays in the UK. Plus, thanks to
  2. This was a gift from my sister who's undergrad is in psychology. I don't agree with everything he says, mostly because he's an atheist who can't comprehend how a theist can be intelligent or happy. But I respect his principles, he's intellectually honest and as a result of this book, I deleted my Twitter account. Worth every penny for that.
  3. Congratulations! I've bought it and shall write a review.
  4. As with much of the US justice system, the death penalty is inherently racist. The people campaigning to end the death penalty are usually the families of those on death row. People who end up in this situation aren't privileged. Until the US state guarantees that a black man can have the same chance at life as a white man, they should stop killing the ones who fall through the cracks.
  5. I've told him. Let's not embarrass the poor soul further.
  6. Yes, but it wasn't exactly last week, I'm happy to laugh at myself.
  7. Good riddance. I still haven't worked out why he was elected to begin with.
  8. This is a really sad case. It's similar to Linda Carty in many respects. I really hope it doesn't set a precedent for her end too.
  9. Nice one Downzy. It's about time as I once snogged one of the posters on the first page of the last General Chat and it has constantly haunted me.
  10. Wow, Slash was always very private regarding his boys. I remember catching glimpses of them as toddlers backstage at Live Aid. I suppose that was 15 years ago, and I've grown too.
  11. We're all adjusting to the idea that the end of coronavirus is going to be gradual, even with a vaccine. I've learned that if something isn't allowed in the USA, is sure as hell won't be happening in Europe.
  12. All of England has been put on Tier 4 lockdown now. But for some reason, childcare is still open, so I'll continue to take my daughter to nursrey. It's all very confusing, but having spent the majority of 2020 mopping up spills, I'll take what I can get.
  13. F'n Budweiser returning and winning all the forum awards again!
  14. That was Kevin's thing, wasn't it? I was made a mod on that forum, even though I had no idea at all how to play Mafia.
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