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  1. Sorry, kilometres. Sorry about your injury Soulie. How bad is it? Is the wait likely to be weeks or months?
  2. Smashed 12K on Wednesday. Looking to do 7K over the weekend. Hoping to find the time to get to 15K next week.
  3. Where did you manage to get a cup of Kona? In a city? I've done some research and the range I've seen is £20-£80 a bag. It's definitely one for the bucket list.
  4. I've developed a palette for coffee and now much prefer African to South American beans. I'd love to try some Hawaiian coffee as I've heard it's closer to African in taste, however rumour has it that it's about £25 a cup.
  5. He's been working on it for a few years, and is at the stage of getting it reviewed by board gaming influencers. It seems to be a really nice game, for all ages, so I'm looking forward to seeing its success.
  6. An acquaintance of mine is working on a board game. He asked me to design the title graphics. As it's his passion project, I said that I'd do it for free, and that I had some availability. If he liked it, great, but if he didn't, I didn't have any time for a rehash. I envisioned a far cuter design than he wanted, so we decided to leave it and use his design. That's my story for when he's making loads in Hamley's and I'm in the Jobcentre.
  7. I like that, it's a really thoughtfully designed item of merch, which isn't absurdly expensive, so it's not impossible for most fans to save up for if they wanted them. It also proves that it's possible for a band to release new music as well as sell things to fans. Let's not give AC/DC any ideas about a pinball machine now.
  8. My thoughts are with his family and devoted fans.
  9. Just finished Birds of America by Lorrie Moore. It's a collection of short fiction focusing on the mysteries of life. It's a very easy read, engaging and if you like dark humour, this is for you.
  10. I've had a six week break from running. A friend got in touch to say that I was looking really good in a recent photo, which made me realise that even if the weighing scales don't budge, running was still helping me look slim. So I've signed up for a challenge, to do 15 runs of any distance in October. I'm hoping to return to running 10k by the end of the month. I actually ran home from the butcher yesterday, carrying 8lbs of meat in a backpack. It made me realise how heavy 8lbs is, and how much easier it would be to run without that weight. A really useful experiment.
  11. Some guys age really well though. I'm almost 31. While I consider that a fairly young age, I've noted that there are some good looking guys with grey hair.
  12. I wanted a round number and 6` 11" felt like a height I could take on and smash to pieces. Also, I'm on the gin.
  13. My baby sister has just joined the police. 90% of her job is stopping arguments. She did show me the nerve points thing. Can't say that I'd feel confident using them when facing up to a 6'12" chap.
  14. There's a dignity in work. It's human nature to need a purpose and to solve problems. Capitalism is exploitative, but no, most work isn't exploitation. Yes, intercourse is natural. But porn isn't the same as normal sex is it? Rape isn't sex. Both are about power and are pale imitations of sex. And when someone isn't granted equal dignity, that's when it becomes a moral dilemma.
  15. That's it, sex work isn't a remedy for any aspect of inequality. It's women who are getting their butts out for mens' pleasure. I find the idea that this is now a legitimate "feminist choice" cringe-inducing. A couple of years ago in Sheffield, there were two groups of feminists, each protesting a different side of whether a Spearmint Rhino should open. The group wanting it closed were all retirement age (second wavers) , while the group wanting it open were young (post third wavers, really).
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