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  1. One hell of a life. 80 years are all you get, if you're lucky. I can't be sad about that. My sympathies to his family, friends and fans. I saw the Stones play Manchester in 2018. Not one of them cracked open a beer the whole night. Rest in peace Charlie.
  2. In 2002 healing crystals held far more promise than Chinese Democracy.
  3. The supermodels' diet.
  4. Behave yourself, Guildford is my sister's policing patch. Congratulations on the job!
  5. I've learned that 1% of men are psychopaths.
  6. Saw this tshirt in Tesco today. I considered buying it, but decided to hold out for when they stock the Pussy Full O' Maggots tshirt instead.
  7. Whitesnake's Here I Go Again. In sincerity, I quite enjoyed them opening with Chinese Democracy on the 2006 tour. (If memory serves, which it probably doesn't because I'm old enough to remember 2006).
  8. That's quite a takedown considering My World made it on to Use Your Illusion II.
  9. *spits out my tea in bemusement of the irony that Dazey, king of the jovial insult is now drawing a line* It was harsh though. Dazey's finding career success and has managed to keep his American wife around of her own volition for almost ten years now. That's quite something.
  10. Lovely news, congratulations to them both. Nice they gave her a normal name and not a Hollywood one.
  11. Well that's my grandma's Christmas present sorted.
  12. On my Apple music, I recently put a general ban on explicit content, as I have a three year old who doesn't need to hear all the language in that album. But My Michelle and Rocket Queen made it past the filter, with all the family values. I can leave or take GN'R these days, I've had my fill. But AFD led me to this forum, where I've met some really wonderful people who have changed my life for the better.
  13. That's such shame. I saw Cinderella open the main stage at Download 2010. They were a really solid band which didn't rely on gimmicks as others of their time did. Rest in peace, and thanks for the memories. Scott Weiland and Lemmy also played that day.
  14. Stronger by Poorna Bell. It's not convinced me to take up powerlifting, however it acknowledged that British PE lessons don't advocate for sport nor inspire people to be active.
  15. Do you pay your Amish neighbours with cash or do you offer to trade? I could be confused, but aren't they the group who don't use money?
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