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  1. I've never once paid to listen to AFD. The first version I had of it was a burned CD, complete with scanned and home printed album artwork. I just listened to that on repeat for years, until music became purely digital. And to be honest, I'm fairly underwhelmed by the reunion. But perhaps that's because I'm a cynical adult and not a 15 year old fangirl anymore.
  2. I've always fancied being an architect, but it's too late for me to retrain now. A good friend does it, but it seems like all jobs; same shit, different day. I like being a designer, but the job's only as cool as you make it. And it's impossible to create anything original these days. Having said that, I'm thankful that I'm standing on the shoulders of giants. There's so many opportunities now thanks to the internet.
  3. Sixth wedding anniversary! It just keeps getting better.
  4. I certainly hope so. It's the reason I run so much. And my younger sister is definitely the kind of person who is here for a long time, not for a good time. I need to outlive her.
  5. And the self employed get a third SEISS payment! I'd like to say that it's paying for a holiday, but it's probably going to go in my pension.
  6. "Now you can tell some lies about the good times that you've had. But I've kissed your mother twice and I'm working on your dad." Who needs Pink Floyd when lyrics like this exist?
  7. Jeff Buckley - Grace Inxs - Kick Aerosmith - Young Lust Pulp - Different Class Fleetwood Mac - Rumors Yes, I'm a basic bitch.
  8. I love that no matter how many updates this forum gets, all the old emojis from 2004 are still available. :bucket::monkey::drool::ph34r:

  9. Lockdown 2, childcare and parks are to remain available.
  10. I'm 3lbs down this week, and ran 15km last Wednesday, and have run 100km in October. Aiming for a half marathon and 200km in November.
  11. It's the NPR one. @RussTCB have to say I love your new poddy artwork!
  12. How I Built This is good, however usually features US companies which I've never heard of. I don't know if there's a UK equivalent of it. I do love it when a British person is interviewed on it, as the British aren't natural entrepreneurs as Americans are.
  13. I'm not tempted. My dad (who is usually very fiscally conservative and level-headed) lost loads of money in stocks and shares. He went from owning four houses, planning to die a millionaire, to owning one house and having to work part time in B&Q to pay his bills. And one of those houses was supposed to come my way upon his death. At one point he encouraged me to get a stocks and shares ISA. I'm so glad that I didn't take his advice. Take your chances Dazey, but be warned you could end up with a daughter as bitter as I am.
  14. Sorry, kilometres. Sorry about your injury Soulie. How bad is it? Is the wait likely to be weeks or months?
  15. Smashed 12K on Wednesday. Looking to do 7K over the weekend. Hoping to find the time to get to 15K next week.
  16. Where did you manage to get a cup of Kona? In a city? I've done some research and the range I've seen is £20-£80 a bag. It's definitely one for the bucket list.
  17. I've developed a palette for coffee and now much prefer African to South American beans. I'd love to try some Hawaiian coffee as I've heard it's closer to African in taste, however rumour has it that it's about £25 a cup.
  18. He's been working on it for a few years, and is at the stage of getting it reviewed by board gaming influencers. It seems to be a really nice game, for all ages, so I'm looking forward to seeing its success.
  19. An acquaintance of mine is working on a board game. He asked me to design the title graphics. As it's his passion project, I said that I'd do it for free, and that I had some availability. If he liked it, great, but if he didn't, I didn't have any time for a rehash. I envisioned a far cuter design than he wanted, so we decided to leave it and use his design. That's my story for when he's making loads in Hamley's and I'm in the Jobcentre.
  20. I like that, it's a really thoughtfully designed item of merch, which isn't absurdly expensive, so it's not impossible for most fans to save up for if they wanted them. It also proves that it's possible for a band to release new music as well as sell things to fans. Let's not give AC/DC any ideas about a pinball machine now.
  21. My thoughts are with his family and devoted fans.
  22. Just finished Birds of America by Lorrie Moore. It's a collection of short fiction focusing on the mysteries of life. It's a very easy read, engaging and if you like dark humour, this is for you.
  23. I've had a six week break from running. A friend got in touch to say that I was looking really good in a recent photo, which made me realise that even if the weighing scales don't budge, running was still helping me look slim. So I've signed up for a challenge, to do 15 runs of any distance in October. I'm hoping to return to running 10k by the end of the month. I actually ran home from the butcher yesterday, carrying 8lbs of meat in a backpack. It made me realise how heavy 8lbs is, and how much easier it would be to run without that weight. A really useful experiment.
  24. Some guys age really well though. I'm almost 31. While I consider that a fairly young age, I've noted that there are some good looking guys with grey hair.
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