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  1. lol, I'll be sure to! Have a good week ahead!

  2. well thank you very much! it made me blush! and i might as well add here that I think you look great (am I allowed to say better than my boyfriend?!) too! I also think you're really nice...lol...if I'm in your part of the world ever we should go for coffee :P xxx

  3. Hey Deeds! Thank you very much! You're also one of my favourite forumers! I'm at college now studying art and design, 2009 brings uni at last for me! Best wishes for a successful new year for you. I hope you do become an astronaut one day. xxx

  4. heya doll! hows it going?

  5. thankyou! 1 star for you, my buddy! ;)

  6. thanks, any reason?

  7. long time no speaky Dean, how are you?

  8. 'ello. youre the other guy from York ain't you? *high five*! hows it going?

  9. I bet you can! Just one more exam next week to go then thats it until the summer- really pleased with that! I'm doing an Art Foundation next year before uni, so I'm using all (well, as much as I can!) of my non-exam time to paint and draw, the theory is I'll sell this artwork while im at uni to help avec with fees...so pretty busy! apart from computer games what are yo

  10. A2 Art and Design, A2 History, AS German and AS Photography. what do you do?

  11. Despite January exams I'm great thanks, Thurdays my favourite day as I'm in the art studios all day :P, yourself?

  12. a bit of melodic death metal along the was is fine by me ;D

  13. Yeah, Christmas and New Year was great thanks, much better then I'd thought it would be! Really pleased for you, good luck with you and your girlie ;) Im single now so everything's good :P xx Let me know if you ever get keyboard lessons!

  14. which one are you in the pic? you're both pretty cute lol! 5 stars for that! xx

  15. hey sparky! hows it going? did you have a great Christmas and New Year?

  16. honoured that my man is willing to fight for me! id pick you over him anyway (shhh) as he's 14. nuf said lol!

  17. 5* for you too! youre like a cute lil bro to me lol!

  18. Mr. Oral Sex eh?! i think this forum should have a competitiion on on who's username makes them sound most like a pornstar!!

  19. 5 stars for having good taste!

  20. Yeah, Im a pretty smitten kitten right now, thanks! love your pic in UYI, youre a looker!

  21. hey sparky! long time no speak! hows life? started those keyboard lessons yet? :P

  22. Hey! Long time no speak! Hows life in Ozzyland?

  23. so can you actually get on msn now or not?

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