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  1. I wanted a round number and 6` 11" felt like a height I could take on and smash to pieces. Also, I'm on the gin.
  2. My baby sister has just joined the police. 90% of her job is stopping arguments. She did show me the nerve points thing. Can't say that I'd feel confident using them when facing up to a 6'12" chap.
  3. There's a dignity in work. It's human nature to need a purpose and to solve problems. Capitalism is exploitative, but no, most work isn't exploitation. Yes, intercourse is natural. But porn isn't the same as normal sex is it? Rape isn't sex. Both are about power and are pale imitations of sex. And when someone isn't granted equal dignity, that's when it becomes a moral dilemma.
  4. That's it, sex work isn't a remedy for any aspect of inequality. It's women who are getting their butts out for mens' pleasure. I find the idea that this is now a legitimate "feminist choice" cringe-inducing. A couple of years ago in Sheffield, there were two groups of feminists, each protesting a different side of whether a Spearmint Rhino should open. The group wanting it closed were all retirement age (second wavers) , while the group wanting it open were young (post third wavers, really).
  5. People are allowed to do what they want, but there are better choices out there which women with supportive families and further education are able to make. I don't believe it for a second when any porn actress says she enjoys her job. There's some really nasty, degrading porn which they're expected to do. It's putting themselves at such high risk of so many health issues. The other jobs where there's a serious endangerment of one's health, look after you. Such as the army, the police. Even on buildng sites, they get safety gear to wear. But having a prolapse from frequent anal sex? Oh that's
  6. The porn industry is exploitative of all people, especially of women. Anyone who claims to value the unique gifts of every person, shouldn't watch porn. Sex work, including stripping, isn't female empowerment. Third wave feminism is excellent at identifying problems women face, then offers the most ridiculous solutions. Offering oneself as an object of lust is cheap power which doesn't last. It doesn't show the dignity nor intellect of women. Equality isn't going to be won by shaking ass. Empowered, privileged women don't do sex work. It may be a choice, but it's not a
  7. I'm car free by choice. Would love it if people aged over 50 didn't treat it as some kind of affliction. I've lost out on many job opportunities, not because of my incompetence to perform at the job, but because I use public transport.
  8. I Am The Walrus was an introduction to identity politics, if you ask me.
  9. Thanks @soon. One of the British Labour Party's founding aims was to end landlordism, and it has gotten far worse. Mostly due to Conservative policy, but frankly Labour saw it coming in the 90s and did nothing. You can be a hypocrite if you say you believe in one thing, then engage in an activity or behaviour which contradicts it. Even if it's perfectly legal to do so. Being a landlord is different than participating in other areas of the economy, as they are making a profit simply by getting there first. They don't add value (a builder or plumber does). They just make housing more
  10. Being honestly curious here. Almost every vocal, party-member socialist I've known (over 30) has been a private landlord. Is there a way to justify this, or is it plain hipocrisy?
  11. Dudes, once or twice (OK, exactly twice) in my marriage, a guy has told me that I'm beautiful/pretty. It's very nice, but I'm married and am good at giving off cold vibes. Is saying just "thank you" enough? If I'm being honest, one of these guys was cute, but I was reluctant to repay the complement, because healthy boy/girl friendships don't involve that conversation. Is there ever a good way to tell a guy he's good looking? Do I break it down into "I like your glasses"?
  12. Has anyone tried any exceptionally good hummus lately? I eat it several days a week, but accessing anything beyond the basics isn't easy for us at the moment. Just looking for flavour ideas.
  13. This should be a nice little outing for them. Preferred Sixx's work with Brides of Destruction, but as is the nature of supergroups, they last for five minutes.
  14. Yes, have always been happy to. Going to see Aerosmith alone next year. When I went to see Sabbath on my own, I took a book for the train journey. When security checked my bag, they found the book and I said "it's in case the band are no good". I saw Crue on my own on their last UK tour. I was around 26, and my dad still had a fit about me travelling to Newcastle on my own. So none of my family to this day know that I travelled to Florida myself in 2017.
  15. I'm enjoying seeing these old threads bumped. Is @The Real McCoy still swinging by here? I actually miss him.
  16. There isn't going to be a satisfactory resolution to this. We're discovering our heroes are human. Perhaps we should be more weary of putting people on pedestals in the first place? It's a shame that we often remember the best-intentioned of people for their mistakes. We all go through hard times in life and mess up. One thing I don't think I've disclosed on this forum before, is that my mum had a long-running affair, which wasn't revealed until after her death. I loved her to bits, and she was a wonderful mother, who sacrificed so much for her family. She had high moral standards
  17. OK, so looking back at my first post, I'm now 154lbs. Which is progress. I ran my first 10K last night. I know I need to be more strict with my diet. I've cut out cakes and biscuits, but seem to be substituting them with ice cream and gin.
  18. Don't know. Everyone seems to be happy to brush John Lennon's domestic abuse under the rug. Elvis basically groomed Priscilla, then was an awful husband and father. Is it impossible to be posthumously cancelled?
  19. I'm catching up with the Crown. It's turned me from an anti-monarchist to a Princess Margaret obsessive.
  20. Off the top of my head, I'd propose a reworked bullet logo. Really simplified. Clean lines, less texture. Sweet geometry. All of their merch looks very American. European graphic design seems to me to be more functional and less art based than American design, so I guess that's why I hate it so much, it just doesn't align with my culture or tastes. The reason I haven't already designed it, is that anything I do pro bono gets shoved to the bottom of my to-do list. It would be a thankless task.
  21. If memory serves, it was good, but gave us false hope that we'd see Chinese Democracy shortly.
  22. It's about time we had a sensible discussion of the Guns N' Roses visual branding. There was a time I loved GN'R to death. I'd wear the shirts, the hoodies, the patches, the badges. I had all the merch apart from that blackcurrant scented candle, which I only wish I'd bought. I've since become a graphic designer, and frankly, I'm tired of the stuff they're putting out. One band tshirt after another, which looks like another Iron Maiden shirt. I thought the bullet logo was good, but it's dated. The AFD crucifix might have been edgy in 1987, but it's just tacky now. It's not well drawn. I gu
  23. Ran 9K last night. Do any other runners here achieve their goal and instantly feel that it's not "enough"? I thought I'd be a proper runner when I was running 10K. But now I just feel inadequate and decide "proper runners" run marathons.
  24. That's encouraging to hear. I don't enjoy running really, but it's a quick win, and is marvellous for my mental health. Now you've mentioned Pilates, I miss my classes. It's surprising how effective Pilates is. At least when lockdown is over, I hope I can impress my tutor with my fitter body. Gosh, that sounds like I'm on the prowl.
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