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  1. well, come on BABY!

  2. sorry, you know what I meant...not feel god!

  3. He's the one they call Dr. Feel ggod! He's the one that makes ya feel alright!

  4. Sherrif Hutton?! I did my DofE waks there! Nice! I'm actually from Ampleforth...but I go to college in York.

  5. Lawrence, I have no idea why, but I miss you. The forum isn't the same with out you. Youre the one member who stood out when I was a noob! ok, ill stop kissing your ass.

  6. Well, Gracie is the best place to be lol!

  7. Empty your inbox!!!

  8. Dude, I'm wondering how Jerusalem is anyway? Since your'e there I thought I might as well ask, me being a Christian and all :) ! and womenfolk...I like that term!

  9. Hello, I cant make this too personal, and you know how Im doing anyway, so just a quick hello and I think you deserve 5 stars from me lol!

  10. 5 stars? may I inquire why?

  11. Empty your inbox!!

  12. future plans? getting to gambia and back safely and after that learning to drive! Long term-wise, I'm going to study either German or art at uni. Auf widersehen!

  13. well, you are doing the music course aren't you? you'll get to do what you want to!

  14. lucky you! I'm not yet...

  15. pretty good thanks for asking! how about yourself?

  16. hey there Larry! how ya doing old buddy?!

  17. Wie ist Deutschland? Ich liebe Sie

    weil Sie ist Deutsch! Tut mir leid fur der schrecklich Deutsch! Du bist kool!

  18. Welcome to the forum! I like your name! I'm Grace and you can PM me if you need anything!

  19. It's not fair! I wanna get married! I wanna wear a pretty dress! *Hint to someone special if he sees this*! Congrats again!

  20. your sig made me laugh!




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