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  1. Those are interesting, I'd love to hear the contrasting versions of November Rain. Sorry I can't help you determine of they're rare, however I've certainly not seen anything like this before. @troccoli is probably one of the best people to ask regarding this.
  2. Yes, but they're not ubiquitous, yet. Certainly a treat, not every shop will stock them.
  3. Stroopwaffels are my current fix.
  4. Oh great, a good guy with a gun.
  5. I'm now running three times a week. Currently at 7.5k, working towards 10k. Also doing daily toning workouts, with an emphasis on my abs. I'm not interested in losing weight, as I've always been medium sized, I know I eat alright. I just want to get fitter, in the hope it will increase my chances of living longer.
  6. My brother had it, he caught it while he was at work in a hospital. He takes things in his stride, but said that he found it a struggle to breathe. He's recovered now. My husband's aunt who is in her fifties had it, and still isn't 100% months later.
  7. @Graeme Please remind me, which 90s boyband were you in?
  8. Dangerous to admit to things like that here. We'll all be asking you for advice!
  9. The Spaghetti Incident is a fine album. Not amazing, not progressive. Not what GN'R could have achieved at the time. But still a fun listen.
  10. For the past few weeks, I've been working on a painting. On Sunday night, I left my daughter in front of the TV with her dinner, while I say in the next room. This was the first time I've done this. She was fairly quiet, so after dinner I popped in to check on her, to find that she'd helped with the painting. Thankfully it cleaned up beautifully.
  11. So please can someone explain something to me which I'm missing. There's a lot of talk about how we're in a recession and it's going to get much worse. I understand how an economic downturn is happening as many businesses can't operate now. But over the coming months, things are going to return to more or less as they were. People will return to their jobs, events will take place, businesses are going to pick up steam again, and people will spend money. How is all of the above going to worsen a recession, instead of if being a sign of a recovery?
  12. Thank you Gibbo. You appeared to fit into the moderating team really well. Keeping setlists updated isn't easy, as if a distraction happens, then you can easily miss a song. While I'm here, I'll add a thank you to Downzy and the other admins and moderators. As far as voluntary jobs, moderating isn't easy, as few decisions are black and white. There's some politics, and you have to try to make fair decisions when someone's PMing you with insults. The moderating team here have actually stuck at this for years and years too. It was disheartening when GN'R weren't doing anything, however when
  13. Nice song. Can see how it didn't make the cut for an album, but not so bad. Guy has some balls, to want to step into Scott Weiland's shoes is one thing. To take Jesus' job is quite another.
  14. I'm really glad about this. Lockdown hasn't been taken seriously enough by too many people in the US. Covid is still spreading, and I honestly felt that any attempt to bolster the economy there would have been far too early.
  15. That's a real shame she's lost her business. It sounds like the kind of place I'd visit.
  16. I know, I'm still unsure what qualifications he has (if any) but he had some great online reviews and is eager. I learned a little business technique from him. I read that any design studio should offer three services max. I offer nine. But I was then going through websites for a gardener and knew I didn't want a garden designer, landscaper, or jack of all trades. This guy just does lawns and straightforward gardening. So I'll narrow my business down to the essentials and see what happens.
  17. Hired a gardener this morning. The first person who came over to have a look turned it down as she didn't want to deal with high branches. But the lad who popped over this morning has a 'can do' attitude. So relieved!
  18. That's a really nice painting. Lovely choice of colours too.
  19. OK, so in my early days, CDs were gifts. I could name a couple of albums which were purchased for me: A double compilation CD of dance party hits `98, featuring Vengaboys etc. Britney's Baby One More Time. And S Club 7's debut. I turned 11 in 2000, so this wasn't all last week. My memory gets hazy regarding ones I purchased myself, as it was a long time ago. However I do remember being given £20 for a week's lunch money and spending most of it on the Monday morning at Woolworth's on Red, White & Crüe.
  20. I can see this being reassuring for people who are living with the risk of domestic violence. It's a hugely under-reported area of crime and one which disproportionately affects women and children. If they ain't going to lock the bastard up, and there's no room in a refuge, then this is one intermediate step to protect lives.
  21. I had no idea about the publisher, it just came up in a Kindle search and seemed interesting. I do like how technology has advanced to the point where the stigma associated with vanity publishing has vanished. Authors are expected to publish an ebook and do their own marketing first, at a fairly low cost. I've supported a couple of crowd funded print books which have worked well.
  22. Started this tonight. It's such an easy read. Very relatable as it's from the perspective of a mum of young kids. She's got postnatal depression and all the above has taken a toll on her marriage.
  23. Today has been my worst day yet. I burst into tears while getting The Boss another fromage frais. She just tells me what to do, or disobeys me. It's day 30 of us having no childcare and I'm just not coping anymore. There certainly have been nice moments, but today she didn't want to go for a walk, she wouldn't let me dress her and my IQ is lowering rapidly because the only thing I can do for her which isn't a waste of energy is put the TV on. My husband has been very receptive and I now have a couple of hours to myself. In February I earned more than my husband. All my clients have
  24. Couldn’t find the old workout thread. So here I am on my lazy ass making a new one. ——————— It’s time I lost the baby weight. While I think I look nice bigger, I don’t want to be thought of as ‘that big girl’. Currently 171 lb, want to reduce to around 147lb. My daily calorie allowance is 1340. I’m now on MyFitnessPal, please PM me if you’d like my username.
  25. Use this thread to discuss anything you're growing… whether that is a houseplant, cress for your sandwiches, a garden, or substances of variable licitness depending on your jurisdiction. --------------------------- We moved into a house with a garden a year ago. The first garden I have to look after. I spent last year managing to keep on top of the weeds and mowing the lawn, but this year I want to make it look good. I'm going to try to commit an afternoon a week to this, though that sounds like a vain hope. Here is my garden in October. Would love to get that lawn a more vibran
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