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  1. Draling, thanks for the comment but I'm sorry for the pic- the most I can help you with is that Bromle made me the sig so ask him! Its a good pic isnt it?! I hadnt seen it before either! Thanks also for the feedback regarding my avatar...I just thought it would suit this forum so much! See u around, and sorry I couldnt be much help, Gracexxx

  2. great! pleased that everything's sorted for you now. :)

  3. Thanks for checking out the myspace! Sorry things aint too good for you atm, if you need a rant im here! Im working out what to do about the voices in my head...:(

  4. Well, I am once again a manic depressive wich is very interesting! Ive got exams n stuff right now that I know Im gonna fail so im just revising and at work all the time. But...my new project is kinda exciting: www.myspace.com/gambiagirls

  5. Hey I was the longest-running Pirate Crew member, considering I had the pirate crew sig for about 6 months after it finished and nobody told me! The good old days of noobness! I miss them...NOT!

  6. not hearde from you recently. hows it going? learning keys yet?


  7. I love you, Sven!

  8. Good to see another Grace on here!

  9. Dude, you have the coolest username ever!

  10. Well, isn't your sig modest?!

  11. You definately should post more often! I've not heared of where you come from...I've stayed alot of time in the Schwarzwald, Bavaria (Zugspitz, Neuschwannschwanstein Schloss etc...I've visited Trier too and that was amazing! You can probably tell from my profile that I'm really into all things Geerman, im studting the language at college now and hope to live there one day

  12. Hallo Julien! Where in Germany are you from?


  13. aah...you doing A-Level art too? i have my controlled exam coming up soon too! I'm studying mushrooms though! (how boring)

  14. thanks for the shampoo reccomendation! my hair feels so nice now!

  15. Welcome to the Jungle Dusty! (can we call you Dusty?!) I really like your username!

    love Grace

  16. ooh! I'm very flattered and pleased that you're gonna learn keyboard! shit, now I have competition! best of luck!

  17. super long comments are better! I wish I could sing-if you do learn keys it will help you loads-just make sure if you get a teacher it's one you can really relate with cos I'm on my third and I've made so much progress because my teacher is young and knows the bands I'm into. Keys are great for writing with now, even if you cant play much. That's my super-long comment for you! auf wiedersehen!

  18. a music course sounds great! I wish I was musical! I play keyboard and write, but It doesnt come naturally! Im better at lyrics though! you play guitar or something?

  19. nah, I got the cheaper equivalent from Tesco for about a fiver! Gxx

  20. Hi Dory! nice top!

    (I've got one too)!



  21. yeah, im really busy, but enjoying it all the same. What do you do at college? I'm doing art+design, history and German. And I'm going to do volunatry work in Gambia for a month in the summer so I've been fundraising. I'm so excited!

  22. thankyou!(im blushing now) everything's great thanks! been up to much?

  23. hi sparky, I just thought I'd drop by to say hi, and that you're pretty fine!


  24. hello, I'm popping your cherry, and welcome to the jungle! i like you!

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