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  1. Wow. They even used the audio for "Jungle"! I expected maybe just the footage, with some generic rock/crap music playing over it.
  2. I only saw RiR3 footage. Did I miss House Of Blues 2001 footage in there?
  3. @LunsJail, I know you can't elaborate on everything but a couple things I'm curious to know. Did Matt go in detail any more so than he has before on his departure from Guns/His argument with Paul Huge? And was there any mention of him meeting up with Axl in NYC in 2006/And or his thoughts on Chinese Democracy? Any response would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Anything good worth mentioning? I'm particularly curious about any insight (unless it's a rehash of what he's previously commented on) as to the 1994 - 1997 era, leading up to his departure. Funny how he and Axl met up in 2006 but Matt never really elaborated on exactly what was discussed.
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