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  1. That would be cool. I think the second option you've mentioned would be the best for now and if it turns out great we would jump into the live performances (?).
  2. Sorry for you loss. Never heard of an Izzy film. What's that?
  3. Great track. I agree that this song has a whole new meaning with the situation we're facing but I'm not sure if it was written for it. Would like to hear from some insider about it.
  4. Don't know if it's still on Netflix but a couple months ago I saw a movie called ''The Last Elvis''. It's an amazing argetinian movie. If you like the theme ''Elvis Presley'' you gonna love it.
  5. Great song, man. Thanks for sharing. Looking foward to the final result.
  6. Beautiful song! Looking foward to this album. Miss you Scott.
  7. I've tried 3 times to buy tickets for the Guns' day but I couldn't. Anydoby else having the same issue?
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