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  1. i've been on a little Rhiad binge lately. Like many said before, the lyrics are very bland but at the same time they ARE fun to sing along.. wish there were better performances of Axl with the 2001ish band, IMO the song fit perfectly to the sound and style of the lineup back then.
  2. nevermind this post this was a fake UFO post - just got word of it...
  3. i know hahaha love you brother
  4. i understand your point, but like i said, these things HAVE been considered -they come across as illogical explanations for an illogical but real event. finally (and im just taking this endeavour because i believe that without taking a deep dive into the topic it's easy to be misinformed) saying that "I am not qualified to assess this evidence, but trust that those that are would make this into a huge news story" is a contradiction if you later state that you cannot account for conspiracies, decepcion, lies. There's TONS of evidence of goverment cover up (the fact that many gov. with
  5. also it comes across as very conspirational to try to account all this evidence to "technical malfunction"... there's not one case that's gonna be THE answer to the phenomena, you gotta look at all of them and take an assesment of what's happening, it's pretty clear there's deception involved in the phenomenon, but there's no way for any human intelligence -known to the scientific or political community at least- to come up with these types of events. If anything - and again, i recomend reading Valle's biography, be it Messengers of Deception or just at least his latest book Trinity, there's a
  6. i agree on your last statement, but i find overlooking the fact that this has been a huge news story multiple times on various contries disturbing. Why would you deny it and paint it as if not just because you're not a believer? All the videos declassified by the multiple international agencies have been huge news, i can tell you for a fact that when the marine in mexico shared their video it was the main story on mexican network television, same with the UFO crazy of the 50's, the roswell crash, etc...
  7. i just found your denial of something so obvious funny ... knowing myself VARIOUS people in direct contact with extraterrestrials and other types of beings... this info being so open in certain communities and having seen myself other entities and craft at a REAL CLOSE RANGE... narrowing the talk to "unknown craft" and "extraterrestrial" origin without grasping the true nature of what is happening in the world.. you're gonna be in for a treat very soon my friend.
  8. i'm not talking about anything extraterrestrial, but there IS a lot of evidence accounting to the fact that 1-there's craft floating around with abilities beyond known physics (the aircraft radar and other systems data (such as airport control radar and visual confirmation from pilots in both commercial and military planes) from the nimitz incident, gimbal + similar cases in Mexico, Chile, Spain , Japan (which HAVE been on the cover of newspapers and nighttime news coverage wolrdwide, not just USA). How does this evidence "do not prove anything"?. In any case, there's no evi
  9. with all due respect, all the data out there makes your reply come across as ignorant. There's a lot of hard evidence (material recovered and analyzed from crashes, army videos, cellphone recordings, historical accounts (the los alamos case most recently) that makes it clear how SOMETHING is happening regarding another intelligence trying to communicate through symbols or events digestible to human understanding with the intention of generating some type of consciousness change in mankind. I'll leave you with this excerpt from Jacques Valle's newly released book: Trinity, the best kept secret.
  10. this type of interview... the only thing left to think is... the time has cometh
  11. maybe they're here now because they heard CHIDEM has finally been released!
  12. the female pilot has actually been very vocal about how she does not believe in "crackpot" conspiracy theories and talked about how her family is VERY science oriented... so... i don't think she's part of any disinfo operation. Truth is that the FACTS about interactions with other form of intelligence have been out there for a long time, and now goverments have to climb the huge mountaintop of secrecy that themselves have built ...
  13. Eddie Trunk did ask Axl about Kurt and Nirvana, including mentioning the Mtv awards thingy... just sayin'
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