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  1. only US... wtf https://shop.ernieball.com/slash-signature-string-set.html
  2. you can blame roger taylor for this...
  3. that would be ok, but with a different kind of 'message'... just write "f**k off covid" or "get in the ring covid" or something else... as it is it's just embarrassing by any point of view imo
  4. Richard as producer ? Buckethead and Robin featured artists? Silkworms? Ain't going' down no more? Slunks N' Skulls? wtf
  5. C'mon Fernando it's not so difficult, that's the plan: 1 - Upload a 2016 pro-shot concert on YouTube in April 2 - Annuncement and release of a "new" single (hardschool) from the future EP* with a lyric video (like the SOYL tour ed.) in May 3 - Streaming of an acoustic show (1 hour aprox. with classic and new songs*... hey Axl do the songs with the low voice!!! you know... like it's an intimate performance, you can do it) in May 4 - Release the EP (5 or 6 songs) through streaming services and exclusively on Amazon for the CD and the Vinyl ed. in July 5 - New sing
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