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  1. Just had a listen to this interview with Angela Rayner. Didn’t really know a lot about her before now but this is great. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/full-disclosure-with-james-obrien/id1454408831?i=1000536441288 This was also pretty great.
  2. Great fight. Absolute masterclass by Usyk. Made AJ look very ordinary. Well deserved win.
  3. Well if at first (second, third, fourth, fifth ............) you don't succeed ....
  4. That's why I'm asking if any other countries are having the same issues. If France, Germany, Spain etc have got the same issues then the Brexit effect is less likely to be the cause of it all.
  5. One of my best mates is a hardened Brexiteer and also a lorry driver. Fucker can't stop going on about how happy he is. Doesn't care that the world is falling down around our ears cos he's raking it in!
  6. Anybody else not in the UK seeing scenes like this or is it just us?
  7. Any idea what time the undercard fights are on? I'm looking to get out early and get a seat in the pub so don't want to miss any of it.
  8. That the same completely work based computer with a 2080Ti in it? 😂
  9. Right click on the image and go down to "copy image address" then simply paste the link into your post and it should work.
  10. Do you know the trick to killing this fella in one hit?
  11. It's fine if like Russ said you approach it as a bunch of mini vignettes, It's not a movie at all so as long as you understand that you should be fine. I just have PTSD from when I saw it as a kid at the movies and it just made no sense at all.
  12. Try poking yourself in the eye with a stick instead. It's just as entertaining but it doesn't take an hour and a half.
  13. Wouldn’t be the first time he didn’t go get distance. In his defence it must be hard to wear a mask with no chin. 😂
  14. Hand on heart I think that for a trans teenager the most horrendous thing would be to go through puberty in the wrong body. I have concerns over whether this treatment can cause irreversible issues if the patient decides not to transition but in principle I have no issue with it. Can you imagine you were born male but identify female and you start developing male secondary sexual characteristics? I may be swayed if it turns out that this treatment causes serious irreversible damage and that a large proportion of those treated decide that they’ve made a mistake but assuming that isn’t the case I’m broadly in favour.
  15. Yeah, I don't get the big fuss over this. They still have to have a doctor sign off on it.
  16. He-Man reboot was great. Mad Max: Fury Road was amazing. Ghostbusters wasn’t shit because it was a female cast. It was shit because Paul Feig decided to remake Bridesmaids with ghosts.
  17. AirBnB give a 70% discount for booking 28 days at a time. It’s possible to get 4 weeks in the south of France for less than £400. The way I see it I can send the wife and daughter on a three month vacation for £1,200 while I stay with my sister while paying no housing costs or bills. 👍 I’d totally be up for a few beers anytime. 🍺
  18. I’m moving to south London in November. Nothing sorted re accommodation yet. I’m putting the family in an AirBnB in Manchester until the end of January and moving in with my sister down south while looking for somewhere to live for that time. Might stay longer with my sister and send the family to France or Spain for a couple of months after that to save some money. 😂
  19. You only have to look on google street view to see why.
  20. It's that special kind of captivity. Y'know, the type that you can end at any time of your own volition?
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