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  1. its been done like that for decades...nothing new about it, but its a risk..you can buy early and get what you want..or take a chance on the day of the show..and see whats avaliable...sometimes the tickets are pure ass...just depends, total roll of the dice.
  2. remember..Mrs McKagan said a new album is coming too...what was that..2 yrs ago now?
  3. the rasp is dead, its 2021. get over it.
  4. well..covid...confetti...it touching everyone..then the janitors having to sweep it up...kinda makes sense.
  5. yes? no? grow on me? not interested. well it certainly isn't another 'nightrain' but who wants the same thing over and over again? thats just beyond boring. *wasnt it originally a Pittman song??
  6. my avatar was one from a few years back, I also have the dragon one as well. I liked the wolf one
  7. *listening to the 5.1 mix its quite different from the stereo even completely diff mixes on some tracks.
  8. could you run that by me again? i didnt quite get what your thoughts on Fernando were..again plz?
  9. What if he does write daily? records for his vault?
  10. yeah, wasnt quite sure where to put it, figured the admin could do something with it, if need be. it was a phenomenal stream though...:)
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