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  1. I mean, it's true. Artists drop albums digitally all the time with little to no promotion. Markedly different than 2008. But it would be cool!
  2. I believe Ron Thal had mentioned Atlas had been finished but they couldn't fit it on CD due to runtime, and double albums are $$$ to produce. Maybe it's a case that it was submitted, but because it was not included it, Atlas has/had an IRSC with one of the missing numbers, but it was excised.
  3. I, for one, am happy to contribute toward the goal of 500 pages of speculation! Maybe WAR is waiting for 500 to make a formal announcement. Ha.
  4. Anybody else get refund notices from UMG? Is the single not happening? Edit: Appears it is an adjustment for shipping and sales tax, and not a cancellation.
  5. I don't know, but I hear that every sixty seconds in Africa, a minute passes.
  6. I wonder which shows they are sourcing the live tracks from. I heard a couple versions of Crazy and they were rough...
  7. Some new vocals! Or at least vocalizations... @Pele you got some splaining to dooo! Mix was pretty poor over my headset, but it is a really cheap set. What are your thoughts?
  8. There was a pretty cool pic from the era that had Robin, Tommy, and Dizzy (I think), sitting on some stoop. Haven't seen it in years, but I think the photographer suggested they were doing rehearsals and recordings.
  9. Nah... Weather is divine in California today... opening with PRL... @Pelecan confirm.
  10. I don't think it will ever happen, but Alice Cooper did an EP or some such recently with former band mates, while still keeping together his current touring band. It can be done. Face it, there are 20 year old demos (plus more which were not leaked yet)- if they were going to be finished and released, they would've been. An AFD5 reunion would be met with the same challenges as any other lineup.
  11. I had thought this around the time of Golden Gods when he thanked all the past lineups et al. He seemed really upbeat. It is a nice way to legitimize all the players in the legacy of the band.
  12. I don't dislike it. Funny story: on Pandora yesterday, Scraped popped up randomly, but the app had it listed as Rhiad. I've never seen a mistake like that on Pandora.
  13. The version of Sorry she did with Brain was decent.
  14. Dunsford says, "more to come" with regards to leaks... And that this is a studio pic from 2019... https://ibb.co/cy0KPnX You never know, but in the world of GNR, the reasonable stuff rarely happens, and the absolute batshit stuff, like locker leaks, does...
  15. 12 years on, still a very underrated album from @gunsnroses . Loved the mystery, intrigue, and the ever-evolving mythology over the years from sessions to the eventual release. Waiting on Round 2!
  16. That's true! I don't think I heard anything from Chris other than his tweets, and I don't think there has been any real mention aside from the cashgrab comment... Still good friends with some of the guys. He had been working on material as early as 1997 or 1998, so I imagine a pseudo-reunion rubbed him wrong: he was very invested in the era and likely wanted it to continue, though by that point they had already hit a wall. Still, I would prefer to hear from the source rather than speculate.
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