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  1. He was basically refinancing the previous mortgage and taking out a little bit more. Did it several times. Looks like he ended up with a $5,525,000 mortgage and a $500,000 home equity line of credit, or 2nd mortgage for a total of $6,025,000 by mid 2007. He had an existing mortgage of $4,820,000 ($4,320,000 + $500,000) in 2006 that he refinanced. So basically he paid off that 4.8m mortgage and took out another 1.2m. Now he could have paid that off in 2008, or 2016/2017, which I am sure he did especially with the windfall from the reunion. Mortgages recorded against a property are r
  2. I did see Slash recording/demo'ing with SMKC a few days ago according to Meegans IG. So his creative outlet is probably SMKC, GNR is play massive shows, have 20,000+ people screaming for most of the set and singing along, and sets him up financially. I don't know if Duff is doing side projects still, I saw he was releasing something from his band prior to GNR, thing it was recorded in 1982. Unfortunately seems like some of the band is doing other things, which most likely means, until GNR gets back to touring their attention is elsewhere. I still am convinced there is some issue wit
  3. I would guess 95% of the attendees for all tours since 2001 have been people that want to hear the classics, songs that were released from 1987 - 1991. Add to the fact they more or less went dark from 1993 - 2006, discounting the 2001-2002 shows which there were only a few ( I was at Boston 2002). They have consistently sold out or nearly sold out venues based on a combination of their back catalogue and the mystique of Axl, as well as the mystique following the band knowing all members are still alive, therefore a reunion one day was possible. The current formula is good media coverage and
  4. but did she? He filed in 2014, so any earnings after that she would have no claim to. If the reports about her lawyers claims are correct and Slash made 45m in 2017, then he most likely made similar amounts in 2018 and 2019 as it was all touring income. 135m top line, left with around 75m after tax. If that is invested as a low rate of 5% (he can get much higher, this is low) it would throw off 3.75m per year in just INTEREST. He pays Perla 1.2m, and he is left with 2.55m per year in INTEREST to do as he pleases...all the while the 75m principal isn't even being touched. So who got the b
  5. Looks like he sold that a while ago. Looks like an owner bought it in 2004 for 3m and sold it in 2007 for 18.2m after building it out, prior to that it was an empty concrete shell. It lists prior owners as Canucks Hockey player Pavel Bure, and before that Axl Rose. Building was constructed in 1993 although when and how much Axl bought and sold it for is unknown. Axl also rented a NYC apt in 2011 and 2012 which he never lived in, he did not renew the lease in 2013 for a 3rd year. I think what happens with a lot of these famous people is they have other people "managing" their money and
  6. In the USA, Alimony is usually a combination of income, assets and keeping the wife in a similar living situation that she has been accustomed to. These are news reports on that number, it could be tied to a number of things, for instance if GNR goes away, it could go down to say 20k a month or a number of things might be tied to that 100k number. If her lawyer was going for 250k a month and his income would've gotten her that legally, then agreeing to 100k is a deal for him. Gotta put it in perspective. And we don't know, what we don't know.
  7. if you really take a step back, it is relatively easy to see how this all happened. Slash and Duff would go back to GNR at anytime, they were just waiting for the call from Axl. Slash and Duff are playing solo stuff, but their crowd goes nuts when SMKC plays a GNR song and Slash knows that, so why not play it together with the guys you created it with. Axl tried to go his own route, it didn't work out as planned and he had no next move. No one to finance endless Axl only GNR tours and no record, his vision ran its course without more financial backing, it was over. Axl called Slash a
  8. He wouldn't sign that deal if he couldn't afford it, he signed it in 2018/2019. Perla's lawyers claimed Slash made 45 million in 2017 alone, if that is true or not, I have no idea, but that is just 1 out of the 4 years this tour trucked on. If anyone was so inclined I am sure they can look up court records to see filings and what was alleged as this is usually public record, don't know if final settlements are under seal though. He has recorded 1 album on Pro Tools which I think I remember him saying, to paraphrase, it wasn't his first choice but they got good results and he seemed ok
  9. I am not sure I buy that Slash was broke after the divorce, he was the one who filed it so I am sure he knew what he was getting into and also did some pre-planning. They bought their Sherman Oaks house in 2009 for 7.3 million and sold it in November 2017 for 8.7m, that's a 1.4m profit which after the 100k real estate taxes per year, holding costs on the house and the 4.4m mortgage they took out, they probably broke even and ended up with 3 million in cold hard cash after that sale. The divorce was filed around Christmas 2014 and wasn't finalized until late 2018/2019 I believe. Perla got a
  10. @Euchre you made some solid points there. I think back in 2005 Axl sold the publishing rights, or at least tried to sell them for $19 million to Sanctuary Music Group. I don't know if the deal went thru, I believe there was a lawsuit from Slash and Duff as they were cut out of their publishing, I think in the end Axl ended up giving them their royalty checks. This article states the 1st quarter 2005 total GNR royalty check was 92k...which annualized is roughly 400k. Split that however many times and if you aren't doing anything else, that 100-200k isn't gonna give you that rockstar life.
  11. To double down on what I wrote above. Doug Goldsteins alleged letter to Axl in 2009 outlines several money making opportunities for Axl and even mentions "setting him up for life". Now I doubt Doug has Axl's bank statements, but I would venture to guess he knew how much Axl was taking home in the 1987 - 1993 era, and he probably has a good idea of what was being spent as well. Just a guess, but maybe he knew people that knew Axl and therefore knew the situation was tight financially? All roads lead to Axl needing money in 2009, in my opinion, which is why he embarked on endless tours. Rem
  12. People that think rockstars are automatically rich and set for life don't realize the vast majority of rockstars go broke, and when you are making money in the late 80's/early 90's expenses rise to income. After that, when you aren't touring, and spending money recording for decades, the well gets drained. Axl might mentally not want to do things for money, but at some point, bills need to be paid and banks and vendors don't give extensions on due dates to save a persons feelings on musical integrity. Axl bought his Malibu house around 1990, it is public record on mortgages taken out agains
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