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  1. I still don't know why they released Absurd and Hard Skool? I mean, great they're releasing new music. But why? No new album is coming out soon. These two songs can't been near the best they can bring up? So why? I know it's never straightforward with Guns N' Roses and they never do it like every other bands. But again, why? I'm confused!
  2. There was plenty of time to make a new album. I guess Axl didn't make it in the last 5 years...
  3. Well silence seems obvious. I really hope I'm wrong. GNR should release ton of music until Euro 2022...
  4. Best tour since 2017 or maybe as good as 2017. Just sad that we won't hear anything from the band until next summer...
  5. Different songs and he can still rasp especially in the last shows we heard...
  6. I believe Axl could do the AC/DC stuff again with the right preparations...
  7. Hard Skool was played. Its already on YouTube...
  8. Well, nice they actually releasing music. But the song doesn't fit a band in the mid-late 50's. Maybe 20 years ago but not now...
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