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  1. Some people have suggested it could be a track written by the old band, and I think Duff said at one point in the 90s they would have a song on a Jackie Chan soundtrack.. If this was it that would explain why they jokingly referred to it as 'Jackie Chan'.
  2. https://loudwire.com/james-hetfield-metallica-new-music/ This isn't a drill. James Hetfield posted an audio announcement saying "new Metallica music" is coming tomorrow, July 15. "Hey, this is James from Metallica. Tune in on Wednesday to hear new Metallica music from S&M2," the frontman teased in the segment. Listen below. While his message doesn't offer much, there is a premiere for a trailer of S&M2 and a live version of the song "All Within My Hands" on Metallica's YouTube channel scheduled for Wednesday, July 15. Lars Ulrich announced in June that the S&M2 shows
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