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  1. You never backed it up with anything beyond "what you think". Provided without evidence, dismissed with prejudice.
  2. Is it the same rate? Or have you just typed that out and it sounded good to you. The vaccine is not 100% efficient, and reduces the effect of the virus. As has been shown in countless studies, even the ones posted here. Don't forget, vaccinated people are also OUT of lockdown, and therefore more likely to mingle
  3. Replace the word "COVID" with "Vaccines" How many spent time in hospital taking up resources, how many were intubated. Here's a statistic for you to look up; The survival rate of being intubated >60, and it's affect on the heart.
  4. You do realise that as vaccination numbers grow, the balance will move towards "Vaxxed" people being in hospitals. i.e: 100% of people Vaxxed? Then 100% of cases are already vaccinated... extrapolate from there.
  5. Who the fuck is dunking on Anything Goes?! It has a kick ass solo!
  6. Well they put a fucking stop to that, by playing his fucking song!
  7. This song is mixed like absolute dogshit, I blamed it on youtube, then got the iTunes version.. (which you can't find with the song name easily because the R is backwards.. really) It seems Axl is out of time too, which might be artistic choice... but the wrong one. The bass sounds like ass. Did Fernando mix this...?
  8. The quality of phone calls has improved so much that Slash literally phoned his solo in.
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