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  1. "...unlike those two jacks I had to put up with for five years. Always hogging it up." Fortus is a curious figure in the CD saga. He came in just after the bulk of "CD I & II" were written, so he's not a part of the Golden era that culminated in 2001. The first one late to the party, substituting a principal songwriter. He's always had the chops to play lead in Axl's bands, yet he's consistently underutilized. His career in Guns really coins how absurd it gets when you keep working for Axl.
  2. He looked aces and sounded killer live. But a lot of people still complained about the cornrows at the time. There was a running gag that he was aping the looks of Sean Paul.
  3. Paul Tobias and Izzy are Indiana boys, so they stand a chance to be repeatedly reacquianted with Ax. Buckethead? No way, José. In one podcast, Brain touched up on the answering machine messages GNR lawyers would leave to Bucket in around 2003-4 ('You'll never pick up a guitar again, you'll be working at a gas station by the time we're through with you' - endearing stuff like that). Then Ax publicly vilified Bucket for the RIR-Lisbon cancellation. For someone who complained a lot about how erstwhile band members shoot shit about him in the media, Axl stooped even lower by attacking Bucket, a person who'd never dish out the juicy bits about Axl to lecherous journos. So yeah, they're likely to never communicate again, with or without a sock puppet. Curiously, Brain has managed to play it both ways, by keeping Bucket as a friend and himself within the Guns camp. It's probably the money - guess it enabled him turn a blind eye to the boss chastising his friend, whom he knew was deeply hurt by the whole ordeal.
  4. Should've done that in 2011-14. Now we got Slash as the DJ replacement, so at least the band sounds and feels like Guns, again.
  5. Funny that in both the Estranged & SIDHY videos, hired guns try, ineptly, to save Axl from drowning. Dizzy casting the net in anger in the latter is pretty hilarious, considering how laid-back the others are.
  6. Because you might contribute more to the discussion that way. Now you just come off as someone who cares a lot and tries to convince themselves otherwise. Know thyself
  7. For someone who doesn't care or know, you seem quite eager to draw the line on 2007 with the vox. Pick a lane.
  8. If Trent can win with Wish, Ax can win with Absurd.
  9. Fortus said he was recording vox in late 2014. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/richard-fortus-on-new-guns-n-roses-album-axl-rose-wants-to-create-stuff-and-release-it-when-its-ready/
  10. Should it not be the next vocal track coupled with new instrumentals? Meaning, it's going to be a different animal than the Village version, in all likelihood. Atlas is one song that would benefit from a complete overhaul.
  11. Yeah, that's the common way to go about it for the reason you mentioned. I think Ax wrote most of the the AFD lyrics early on, before the music. With the UYIs, the music came first and the release was postponed by vocal work. Ax is known to create melodies with a piano and an acoustic. That can be differentiated from "writing the song", even if there's an instrument present. Not unusual, really. The current methodology reminds me of those (rather good) fan-made mash-ups of VR tracks with CD vocals, like Messages from Madagascar. Should've known back then that it was to be the future of GNR.
  12. I too have come around to enjoy Hard Skool 2.0. It's certainly better to have Slash & Duff re-do the music, instead of copy-pasting bits into the mix. Yet, Axl in around 2000: "I write the vocals last, because I wanted to invent the music first and push the music to the level that I had to compete against it." 20 years later his line is approximately: "I throw the original music away and have the new band compete against my age-old vocal takes. That'll show 'em." This weird-ass approach does appear to meld Slash's UYI-informed playing with Axl's CD era quirks pretty well. Unusual way to make music, but... this band.
  13. I stopped midway. Guess I'm a bigger fan of the demo than I thought Oh, well. They released a version of the song, which is fine and well. Hope the most of you get a kick out of it.
  14. The bitterness is the throughline in most CD lyrics. Some songs and barbs Axl saved especially for some former ladyfriends. Atlas Shrugged may be the most upbeat song of the bunch - even if Axl's reach exceeds his grasp there. Instead of him going down that road he sings about, we get the lyrical equivalent of an overhead drone shot. The lyrics, then, don't quite coalesce for me. It's almost as if the Atlas narrator is daydreaming about a better life that would await him, if he got his head together ("we hope you understand"). So instead of Atlas, we get Absurd - a song that should be heard.
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