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  1. Since you asked... Jan 2009 is what I heard. It was supposed to be a simple re-do, but his hair had gotten a bit fucked up. "Bad hair day" was a bit of an understatement, if you catch my drift.
  2. In fairness, he was pretty much the same during the 2007 tour. Between that and late '09 was the first lapse, from which he bounced back somewhat on the road. Heavy on the hooch, tho. Between Dec 2010 (AU/UAE leg) and October 2011 (the infamous RIR show), he kept up the drink, apparently.
  3. Any comment on psychic evaluations of potential employees' photographs, and the prominence & influence of such consultants (the Maynards, et al), going all the way back to the UYI days? Still standard practice? Riad and the Bedouins hints at your former brother-in-law, an arms smuggler, and ChiDem, apparently, contrasts Mao's China with Axl's Guns. Was it ever your intention to write lyrics for both songs more explicitly about human right violations or criticism towards the military-industrial complex, as you did with Civil War? Ever felt like you took the whole thing way too ser
  4. The vid posted in this thread earlier was Ron playing a few numbers with his opening act. This is from his actual solo slot, the one he cut short. At least Ron looks like he's making the effort, there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J59MJxmOqNM
  5. Basically, yeah. Four shows in NYC (during which time Ax already lost his voice once, cue the coach), before rolling into a summer tour in Europe. Funny enough, Axl's considerations on his pre-tour fitness at the time had gone into figuring out "how to move to those songs". Read from it what you will, but the idea of Cornrow jumping around in front of a mirror to the beat of Jungle is pretty funny.
  6. IIRC, Baz' vocal coach was initially rushed in to help get Axl's voice back in shape after the first one or two Hammerstein shows. Mr Motivation's pipes had proven to be a tad rusty.
  7. Josh Freese, Brain, Bucket, Brian May & Robin would like to have a word with you.
  8. Yeah, that's the one. Dec 2014, to be exact. Stay of Execution era. Both took a pic of the mixing desk with their respective phones and tweeted them after an apparent all-night session.
  9. It was. In 2006, no real label support, no album, lack of cash limiting gear and crew options & marketing... Touring over mortgage, while the band manager is using his position as CEO of Sanctuary Records (apt name) to bankroll CD. Ross Halfin aired a Slash comment at the time about Guns management (Merck & Beta) re:GH2. Essentially, he felt they made it hard for him to have a word with Ax. Slash wanted Ax to call him up, to suss things out, without lawyers or middlemen. Guns settled for just Izzy guesting here and there, and he sure took his share of the loot.
  10. In 2015, Pitman tweeted (and Ax retweeted) a vague and elusive studio pic. Remember that one? Something was probably going on. The Guns Co. is a big business & IP. Lots of proposals, initiatives, etc. Whether those plans and efforts come through is another thing entirely.
  11. Ax has, or has had, the habit of spending a lot of his own money on the band so that he may accomplish nothing with it. No-one can argue, second-guess or push him to do fuck all. He owns the name, he funds the operation out-of-pocket if needs be. No-one else is entrusted with real political power in the outfit. Things cannot be 'done' with any certainty in his absence. And he can't be arsed to release new music, probably because the imagined reception of the punters throws him into anxiety, depression, and/or anger. People around him may breach the topic once a year, before back
  12. I dreamt I visited his house once. Beta let me in and I found Ax hunched over a table in the kitchen. He had an oversized jersey as well as oversized bags under his eyes. Ax didn't say much, but I felt sorry for him. It was as if I was looking at a decades worth of condensed CD stress.
  13. Yup. Axl said (or, insinuated) that Azoff pushed Robin out to make room for Slash. Not that Axl's reclusive ways and apparent lack of band member communication off-road had anything to do with it.
  14. Axl's repeated mortgages going back to 2002 suggest, for one, that the label did not sponsor the (albumless) tours. Meanwhile, he wanted a succession of grand stages & venues for his return. There's an obvious need hire a host of people & rent a truckload of gear. Or two. "Every manager comes in and wants me to make things smaller," says Rose. Guns N' Roses, for example, requires twice as many tour trucks as the budget calls for, he says. Why no one else can understand the band's needs is an obvious frustration for Rose." - 2012 LA Times See, Axl wants to tour BIG. No point
  15. Hey Liva, that's all very interesting - thanks for sharing. I took a look at what we know was going with the band/Axl around those times. Of course, any given date is somewhat incidental, as there's a larger economical framework to consider. Axl obviously took the mental steps to re-mortgage his house (again & again) before the official paperwork was shuffled around. But they should contextualize it some. - 3/1/2002 - $2,000,000 After the New Years shows in Vegas, about six months before their big tentative comeback with a ClearChannel sponsored tour. - 6/5/2003 -
  16. On Rhiad, Axl set out to write a song about his former brother-in-law profiteering by smuggling weapons to global hotspots, and by the end of the first verse, he instead decided to write about his own mental health, once again. Maybe we got the censored edition, replacement lines thrown together in a fit? Otherwise, it's a lost opportunity like SilkWorms.
  17. What happened in Abu Dhabi 2010? Good question, as talking points include Axl's vague mention about the show in the Eddie Trunk/TMS interview in 2011. ('We really got screwed over in Abu Dhabi...') Band promoting the show on a video shot in a hotel aisle. Axl mostly holds the mic, Dizzy rambles about locking himself out of his room.... while a very inebriated-looking Tommy lurches in the background. Tommy's tweet post-show. "being pushed to the end of ones rope for so long will make you a good climber, or road kill. i'm gonna find a new tree" Sounds vaguely like promoters h
  18. I think Slash played live with Pride & Glory in late '94, and in Jan '95 the Guns sessions happened. Zakk's contract with Ozzy was expiring at the time. Ozzy concluded that Zakk's manager had orchestrated all that Guns affinity around Zakk to raise his market value. Why not, that manager was Doug Goldstein.
  19. Dave sure was impressed with Robin. He talks about Axl fondly, having developed some good rapport over several months on the phone, before Dave even played with the band. Other than that, he talks about how Axl wanted to go "under the deck" in '97, to focus on the lawsuits around the band. Meanwhile, Dave was to lead the Robin/Paul/Duff/Chris Vrenna (Pod)/Dizzy crew in his stead, to keep CD's preproduction humming. Dave balked at the responsibility and sent Ax a fax, just to be sure his sentiments were worded correctly. A few hours later, Kim Neely from Rolling Stone calls in to check if Da
  20. If they're full of shit to begin with, spending three hours in the john in want of a release may be a good start.
  21. “I did meet Axl in a couple of clubs, a year ago, two years ago, three years ago, and I’d bump into him and I’d have that talk,” Tyler said on Stern’s SiriusXM show... Tyler said he had also brought up the issue with Slash, and agreed with Stern that the GN’R guitarist had been more open to a reunion than the frontman. As to what caused one of the deepest rifts in rock history, Tyler wouldn’t divulge any details. “I get the whole thing,” he said, noting the feud went much deeper than brotherly betrayal or a clash of egos. “I can only hope that Axl sees that the greater picture is to
  22. Think About You was a setlist staple for a long time, from HOB 01/01/01 onwards. Back then, a lot of folks deemed it as filler (although the CD band rendition was cracking).
  23. Tommy yanked everyone's chain. He showed up to Brain's audition and put his jacket on Brain's mic stand. Paul Tobias showed some 'Guns attitude' early on and Tommy had none of it. On both counts, Tommy had a point. Brain hadn't even bothered to rehearse the Guns songs they were supposed to do. Paul was still an unproven quantity, in Guns and otherwise. Tommy had to stare down all sorts of wannabe rock stars who crawled in for an audition. If he took novelty chicken buckets as pretentious, he said it out loud. He was workmanlike, and a bit of a rube next to high-flying sensitive types like R
  24. The answer was more entertaining in the 90's. "Oh, Ax just broke every mirror in the house overnight with his VMA statue and pushed his grand piano through the scenery window. He's asleep now, so the help needs to keep quiet." Imagine hanging out at his house at the time. Nice atmosphere.
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