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  1. the melvins December 10, 2006 Cardiff, Wales - The Point w/ Big Business, Flipper

    i went to this gig sunday night to see the melvins and supportin them were flipper, the punk band who now feature the legendary ex-nirvana genius krist novoselic on bass. after the show members of the bands stayed around chatting for a while including krist. he was talkin to me and a group of other people about the albums hes bought recently and the albums hes lookin forward to so i said to him "are you lookin forward to the new guns n roses album?" he just laughed and said " no not really, ive never looked forward to one of there albums before. definately not my thing" then some goth started mumbling to him about something and i walked off.

    the guys a legend but obviously not a fan of guns. i still cant believe i actually met him

    You must be the dumbest fuck in whole forum-land. Of course he's not looking forward to the new Guns N' Roses album. Nirvana hates Axl Rose, and Axl Rose hates Nirvana. Were you still fluid back in 1992/93???? Didn't you ever hear about the ongoing fue between Nirvana and GNR???

    If he's not aware of the feud,why not enlighten him instead of bashing him?

    I think its cuz roy79 is a bit of a prick and from all the previous posts he's made, it seems because he does not have the ability to construct an arguement in reasonable terms he resorts to insulting people and telling them to fuck off, he also does not know what he's talking about, if he did then he would know that;

    1. both krist (his parents are from solvakia or summit like that, thats where the 'T' comes if any of you were wondering) and dave both went to see GN'R some time between 91 & 93.

    2. Axl loved nirvana

    Even kurt had AFD. Problems only occured because Kurt refused to tour with GN'R and Axl started to rip into them and Kurt responded in kind.

    I stand by my earlier statement, without what GnR did in '87, we would have waited much longer for the grunge revolution of the '90s. All of the "Alternative" bands that came out at that time owe GnR big for breaking the hair band, glam, pop 80's into dangerous rock and roll world that it is supposed to be.

    have you seen the inlay sleave to AFD? LOL, If thats not a big hair band.... admittedly they did change their looks a bit, but not much.

  2. well reading the article is seems as though it has been used through out the tour, but i may have miss read it, but nowhere in the body of the text (only the title) does it say where or when they started using it. plus digitally altering his voice would not be that hard, i mean i could easily do something similar on my computer using cubase or logic, to name but a few.

    i've only seen the wttj intro from mtv once, so can't comment on that

  3. so.....none of you find it a bit odd that this bands ENTIRE show is being digitally processed before it hits your ears? using plug-ins ONSTAGE?!?! that's hideous......

    well it does sound like axl is having a bit of digital help from the sides, no wonder his vocals don't sound shit like they did in 2002. actually it makes sense as if you remember the mtv awards thing (this year) when axl came on and screamed, he went all micky mouse like in 02' mtv prob'ly don't use digital post processing methods that change a shot voice into that of a former rock god.

  4. Opening acts from 7 (or 8) PM

    GNR after 10 PM

    Thanks. How long do they play? Any setlists available?

    Do you have AFD? if the answer is yes, then thats pretty much it

  5. i always thought that 'fall' was a word only used in america, mainly because they can't spell autumn. i can't see this album coming at all. too be honest i really wanna hear it, even though i dont agree with them selling it under the gnr name.

  6. i want to hear the unmixed use your illusion tapes that slash has, reunion would be cool, i wish it would happen, but aint, plus it dont really bother me if they dont reform, as i saw them 3 times in the 90's. the past is past and it would never be as good now as it was then.

  7. Then why is it only Matt who was called a former 'employee' on the Live Era CD?

    because axl acts like a prize knob sometimes and is spiteful and vendictive and wont let stuff lie (but then again thats what made some his rants entertaining) he probly tried to get the rest of the band down as former employees on that cd aswell

  8. OMG heaven forbid we won't get to hear another one of Matts awesome drum solos


    /end sarcasm

    Fuck matt sorum, Brain is better (IMO)

    I know.Brain is way better.Fuck Matt

    brain maybe better at playing the new stuff, but he sucks playing most of the original guns stuff. esp you could be mine. i dunno why loads of people on here rag matt, he is technically a great drummer, yes his solo's were boring during the UYI days but thats only because you have heard the bootlegs a million times and he plays the same solo all the time, if you had actually been to a UYI concert then it would/did sound good, as back in those days the bootlegs weren't widely availible, like they are today

    Actually i remember going to see bodycount years ago and the drummer copied matt's drum solo

  9. Well, Velvet Revolver canselled part of their tour last summer, including their gig in Norway.(wich Matt Sorum promised to a norwegian newspaper would never happend with this serious band in 2004.)there was not a riot, no, maybe because most people diddnt care...

    really? i bet they cancelled the gig b4 everyone had arrived at the show and purchased t-shirts, programs, burgers, beers etc etc? come on use your brain

    no axls band can't save rock, as they dont play rock n roll

    Guns will FINALLY come out with Chinese Democracy and then we'll have three great bands to root for: Guns N' Fuckin Roses, Motley Crue, and Metalica.

    Velvet Revolver can come along to as long as Scott can keep his mouth shut.

    Crash Diet, Bring It Back Home, Sentimental Movie, Just Another Sunday, It Tastes Good, Don't It?, Jumping Jack Flash, and Heartbreak Hotel need to be on the Chinese Democracy album.

    Yeah that's right,

    Clyde and Cranston

    apparently, you're a new fan.

    all those songs are from the Illusion era.


    a new fan and an idiot, as motley crue are just plain shit, and metallica sold out when they released the 'black' album

  10. madison please dont let the full album leak please delete the threads as soon as possible

    This is my point. The mods can't police the whole board. Someone will always get to the leaks before they are deleted. The only way to fully seal the board from leaks is to shut it down completely.

    don't be so bloody naive, most p2p and torrent sites have all the leaked songs to dl, shutting the board will do absolutely jack shit, apart from pissing the people here who actually wanna hear what axl's solo music sounds like and talk about his new band. who cares if we hear rough demos of songs before the album comes out? those of you who say 'oh but axl wont like it, axls gonna be pissed' get a grip, what do you think - axls gonna be thanking you in the album notes, in concerts? no he aint. personnelly i am glad this stuff has been leaked as i can now see that we are probably not going to hear anything really ground breaking on the record, the new stuff aint that good, yes they are rough demos, but still they aint that good, it just sounds like stuff from a number of other bands with axl singing. when the album leaks, and its bound to leak in full, then hell yes i am gonna dl it, why not? i bet 1/2 the people on this forum and the other forums will dl it as well. will i buy the album when it comes out? well that really depends on what the musics like.

  11. Slash - lead guitar

    Axl - vocals

    Duff - base

    Izzy - rythm guitar

    Steven - drums

    Keyboards?? Not necessary in a rock band.

    these are the only people that can be in GNR, WHY WOULD I DREAM THAT THERE WAS SOME OTHER TOSSPOT IN GNR anyone else is just a FAKE and its not GNR (ie: stinton, dont know any of the other new band members names - coz they aint guns)

  12. just because there are 32songs doesnt mean there will be 3 albums.

    13songs = chinese democracy

    8songs = b-sides for singles

    1 song = da vinci code soundtrack

    that leaves 10 songs which will all be used (im guessing) for the soundtrack to the new rocky film

    i can see maybe 2 albums, but there is no way we are gonna get 8 unlreased tracks as b sides

  13. i dont think we will get the album this year, maybe a single or 2 near the end, but with 6 songs to do completely and work to be done on some of the others i think its highly doubtful.

    btw john i dont recall knocking on heavens door coming out as a single in 1990 (live from the marque on a b side, but no single)

  14. IMO CD will sell more than VR, just because its GNR on the label, now if axl had the balls to release the album under another name, then it might be a different story.

    I think slash said CD was due in march was because IF GHII was due out in december and then was cancelled, geffen would have told slash (and the others) the reason as to why this money generating album was not being released, ie: CD is coming out early 06'

    Axl has made comments in the past, where he seemed annoyed that former band members were trying to ride on the GNR coattails.

    surely its axl who is riding the coattails of GNR by keeping the name. BY giving the band an original name If CD is any good then it will be set apart from GNR, and if CD is crap then it wont soil the name of GNR. Hr can still cover some of the old tunes live, if he feels his new material is not strong enough. JMO

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