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  1. He’s got his millions upon millions to buy all the piece of mind he’d want for several lifetimes. Give us some new music please
  2. The one where he puts out a new GN’R album would be good....
  3. People don’t dislike Fernando because where is from, they dislike him because he’s an idiot.
  4. I dig the hell out of that one. Sounds great! Am I missing something here, what’s the big deal about coming out on the 15th May? 14th May is a Friday, when most albums come out on Fridays these days.
  5. Yeah, I was like... one stupidly overpriced car, for another. Good money saving there, dumbshit...
  6. I think it’s that she’s captured melancholy sadness, heartbreak and hope, and wrapped it up into perfect little indie pop songs. She really has a way with her words, to make it sound almost like poetry in some ways. As for its appeal, I think the world is in a weird place, since Covid hit, and this collection of songs, seems to really hit home, especially for the lonely. I’m just delving into the follow up, Evermore, and it’s just as good, and in some places, even better.
  7. I think you misplaced legendary with weirdo freak show...
  8. I’m sure @RussTCBwill have something to add to this discussion
  9. I’ll just say these few things first: I’m a 42 year old metal & rock loving dad. I feeling awkward admitting I like, and possibly even love this Taylor Swift album. Now that is out of the way, I’ll just add that I was never a fan of Taylor Swift, quite the opposite in fact. But my wife likes her, and I’ll admit, she can write great pop songs, it just wasn’t for me. Anyway, my wife played a couple of songs while I was in the car, from this album Folklore, and I was impressed enough, to check out the rest of the album. Now, this album is mostly acoustic guitar and pi
  10. The singer’s voice is annoying, and I can’t get past it, to give the songs a chance. It’s like a put on high pitched wail, that sounds kinda like he’s taking the piss. And instrumentally it’s a bit meh... I guess I appreciate that these guys are trying to be a rock band in 2021, but like some others have said, it’s just missing something.
  11. Only thing is, that Slash isn’t in Alter Bridge, and doesn’t write music for them...
  12. I don’t care for how a movie looks, if the script, acting, characters and choreography is all rubbish.
  13. Great, another steaming pile of shit for Rian Johnson to give us...
  14. This comes out on my birthday - 14th May. So thank you Myles for the birthday surprise! I really like the guitar playing on the first single, some really nice slide playing.
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