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  1. Hard School, before Slash and Duff got to it, sounded like shit, and nothing like classic old Guns. It sounded like a weak CD era rocker. Slash and Duff, from what little we’ve heard, have turned it into more of a classic GN’R rocker. But you can’t convince me, that as it was before, was a composition from Slash from 1994/95...
  2. Keeps his head down, because he’s struggling to stay in time...
  3. Watched Wonder Woman 1984, and thought it was a great, fun, no brainer, action film. Came home to read reviews completely ripping it apart saying how bad it is. And the thing is, I can’t disagree, but I still really enjoyed it.
  4. Yeah, but he asked a new GN’R music question, then proceeded to talk over Richard, rather than letting him actually answer. He did the same with Duff. If he wasn’t scared, he wouldn’t have done that and just let him ya know... actually answer
  5. True, but he didn’t have to ask him a release date, he could’ve asked him something else in regards to it, like what’s the new music like, with Slash and Duff back, or something like that. Its just stupid that Todd answers the question for him, because he’s scared to let Fortus say something he might not want to...
  6. And as per the Duff interview, he asks him, then keeps talking over him, and doesn’t actually let Fortus answer. So fucking annoying
  7. Imagine this, SMKC releases a double album in 2021, bringing their total output in 9 years to 5 studio albums, and 3 live albums. GN’R (Axl) needs to catch up...
  8. Great final episode to the season. Was expecting something, but wasn’t expecting THAT character...!!!!! Still trying to get my head around it…
  9. I feel pretty much this way too. It’s mediocre. Nothing classic GN’R about it at all. A weak CD era sounding rocker. That said, what Slash and Duff added to it in the soundcheck clip, certainly made it sound closer to classic GN’R. I really wish we had the whole song from soundcheck from hearing that tease.
  10. Abbruzzese is a fantastic drummer. Pearl Jam’s sound changed drastically when they got rid of him. Would've been interesting to see what he did in GN’R. I look forward to listening to this!
  11. It’s from 1996 or 97, Matt Sorum released an instructional drumming home video, and this was his example of how bands work on songs together.
  12. Jon Bon Jovi had time off from touring due to Covid, and it seems like he’s regained some of his voice back. And he seemed to have lost all range in his singing. Who knows, maybe with GN’R’s lack of touring, Axl has regained some of his voice back too.
  13. From about the 1 minute 30 mark the song starts. Badass riff and soloing from Slash. Duff and Matt sound great too.
  14. Yep, I became a fan of the band during UYI years. So while some rock purists probably hated the expanded sound and extras on stage, I thought it was fantastic. Looking back, it certainly was over the top, but I still loved it.
  15. This was already posted in the new album thread, and I’ll say the same thing here that I did there. It was an annoying interview. He asks Duff stuff, but then cuts him off before he answers. He asks him about GN’R at the end, but then cuts Duff off from actually answering, because he’s scared of being allowed to ask him about that... So fucken stupid.
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