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  1. He does mention that it’s writing and recording for both GN’R and Conspirators, and some other projects. Slash sounds pretty positive about using the downtime to his advantage
  2. I know right?!?!? They just can’t seem to get anything right Amateurs!!!
  3. The Eagles are one of the few groups I’d wish I’d seen live. I had a big list of bands I’ve wanted to see in my life, and most of them I’ve now seen live, of the big acts that is. Sadly they’re all dying out, or too old to tour down here.
  4. Yeah, Stone Music Festival in 2013. I went along to that and what a line up - Van Halen / Aerosmith headlining, along with Jimmy Barnes, and a bunch of other Aussie rock bands, and even Kings of Chaos, who were awesome as well!
  5. I was a massive Van Hagar fan for years, and actually preferred it to the DLR era. F.U.C.K. is a fantastic hard rock album, as is Balance. And I was gutted we never got a follow up to that album, and now we never will. But, the reunion album with DLR, A Different Kind of Truth, is fantastic, and way better than it deserved to be for a band so late into their career. It was that album that made go back and rediscover the early DLR albums, and thus I became a massive fan of those too. Like others have said here, there will never be another EVH, a true innovator of the instrument. A
  6. Agreed, and I love the 80’s albums. But by the 90’s, they became just a fantastic rock band. Those shows on their 1995 These Days tour are some of their very best.
  7. GN’R fans: we want new music, or a live DVD from the NITL tour GN’R: Here’s an overpriced pinball machine that none of you want or can afford
  8. That’s exactly what I thought of Blood in the Water. It’s like this album’s Dry County. Very similar in melody, so much so, you could almost sing chorus lines from Dry County to this song and they wouldn’t seem out of place. The other song I really liked was Brothers In Arms, it feels like a Keep the Faith b-side. I could even forgive them for ripping off U2’s When Love Comes to Town in parts of it. I was impressed by how good Jon’s voice sounded in this one, it’s straight out of Keep the Faith era. Beautiful Drug is kind of a by numbers Bon Jovi pop rock number, but one of the other
  9. You’re not too bright are you? That performance and audio is fake and put together as a joke, purposely to sound bad.
  10. I stated this earlier in this thread, but Lars has never seemed bitter about it, and if he is, I’ve never heard him say it. He’s always spoken highly of GN’R and Axl in particular. It was the other members of Metallica who didn’t like him.
  11. This seems to be the popular opinion, but Lars, though not the innovative player he once was in the 80’s, he’s hardly a slouch behind the kit. That title should go to Frank for how many GN’R songs he fucks up at each show
  12. Thing is, Lars never had a bad word to say. He’s always spoken very highly of GN’R and Axl in particular. It was the other members of Metallica that didn’t like him.
  13. Estranged was taken from Tokyo 1992, and the original live vocals were great as they were. Axl’s re-recorded studio vocals sound like ass. More like 5/10 and that’s being generous... I will say though, the actual live vocals were Axl hasn’t redone them, are pretty fantastic. KOHD being a great example, same for Don’t Cry.
  14. Um, no... for the most part the re-recorded vocals sound like shit. As in, Axl sounds like he’s taking a shit while trying to squeeze some rasp out of his voice. I can’t stand listening to Live Era because of that
  15. I appreciate the effort here, but you have to laugh at the absurdity of this - asking GN’R’s management to release a live album of a show that the fans clearly want. If we have to explain to them why we want it released in the first place, they probably don’t understand. Only in the land of GN’R....
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