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  1. I dunno, I thought there were some songs on Snakepit that could’ve fit in with grunge at the time. The overall sound of It’s Five O’clock Somewhere is quite raw and grungy, production wise. But I guess all things Slash and GN’R in 1995, were considered dated 80’s hair metal, and most rock fans wouldn’t give them a proper chance.
  2. I think you’ve a greater chance at guessing which song they didn’t mess up… Man, I really hope they’ve gotten their shit together for these upcoming shows
  3. For the love of god, please, no more cover songs. Play actual Guns N’ Roses songs. I think songs like Pretty Tied Up and Bad Obsession would sound good, and wouldn’t strain Axl’s voice, keeping him in the lower range.
  4. Yeah, other people have pointed out the over serious tone of these trailers, whereas the original was much more comedy. That may or may not be the case with the whole film, but I just love how they’re tying this into the original, and respecting the source material.
  5. Jokes aside, don’t confuse Slash with ripping off his SMKC fans, the way that GN’R tries to.
  6. I’m not talking about GN’R, I said that maybe Mike Clink produced the next SMKC album.
  7. There may be something to this considering Mike Clink produced the Rocketman cover. Maybe he did the new SMKC album too…?
  8. Didn’t Slash say last year that he expected new music from both SMKC and GN’R to come out in 2021? Obviously Slash doesn’t have the final say on GN’R, but he didn’t seem to think that releasing one would rule out the other.
  9. Yeah, but the difference is that Better has been released, and Hardschool hasn’t. So the fact that an unreleased song was soundchecked, to me, I see that as a positive.
  10. Only song that is a tier down from the rest is Anything Goes, but even that song isn’t necessarily bad. Same goes for You’re Crazy. If they replaced those two with Move to the City, and Shadow of Your Love, it’d be solid album start to finish.
  11. The one glimmer of hope I have, is the fact that Slash and Duff actually reworked Hardschool, from what we heard from the soundcheck leak. So they have worked on new music, well, officially unreleased music. So maybe they have been working behind the scenes on other stuff too. The one thing that makes me question it all still, is the fact that quotes from Slash and Duff from 25 years ago sound exactly the same, and nothing came from those sessions either.
  12. I don’t know any more than what I’m speculating. Jerry has been working on a new solo album for a while now, and these photo(s) with Duff in them lead me to believe he’s playing on bass on the tracks? Whether it’s the full album, or a few tracks, who knows really...
  13. Jerry Cantrell just posted some pics to social media in what looks like a video shoot for a new filmclip, and Duff is there. Any excuse to get out of working on a new GN’R album.... That said, I’m very much looking forward to Jerry’s new album.
  14. Yeah, it’d be hilarious alright, because Slash would play some actual guitar parts that are more than just bar chords and open chords that are currently there on those songs.
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