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  1. It was brought to my attention that at 2:32 mark coming out of the solo, is the Withered Delilah riff, and it totally sounds like it, or at least very similar! Slash plagiarising himself perhaps…?
  2. Say what you will about their music and whether you like it or not is entirely personal choice, but that is a band. I’m glad Slash has this outlet to keep being creative. You really can see how happy he is on stage playing with these guys.
  3. Took a screen shot of the album cover on my phone too:
  4. Well, it’s 3am here, I just woke up and I’m listening to this here in Australia. Initial thoughts after first listen, I really dig it. It’s certainly different to what I was expecting. A chugging, groovy rocker for the most part, with some oddly jarring tempo changes for the solo sections, but I like that Slash is going off in those parts. Much, much better than Driving Rain, which I’m using as comparison, as that was the first single from the last album. Myles sounds pretty good too. The verse melody sounds similar to another song, but I can’t quite place what song it is. Production sounds pretty good too. Nice and chunky. I really wish they’d fix that fucking snare sound. Slash hasn’t had a great Sorum sounding cracking snare on any of his albums, and it makes the songs suffer because of that. To my ears anyway. Lastly, it looks like the album is called “4” and The River is Rising opens the album.
  5. How’s the solo? And how is the guitar playing in general? Is it more interesting than what Slash played on Hardschool and Absurd? I know you probably don’t want to make the comparison, but I am curious
  6. If I’m awake then, I’ll give it a listen and report back on what the full track is like
  7. Just over 3.5 hours until we get it here in Oz, though I’ll probably be sleeping by then…
  8. If the songs are rehearsed and sounding tight, there’s nothing wrong with recording them live. I remember Slash saying in interviews in 2020 that he had the benefit of time to really work on songs with Covid lockdown. So don’t assume that just because it’s recorded live, that the songs are being thrown together on the spot.
  9. I have to admit, I wasn’t particularly interested in seeing Robert Pattinson as Batman, but holy shit… this looks like it could end up being fucking awesome.
  10. They might be a little cheesy, but I love both Young Guns movies
  11. GN’R tour just ended and already the hype machine is starting for new SMKC…! Ten second teaser on Instagram, with Slash saying "I think the record itself is the best one we've done so far... we're showing no signs of slowing down" https://www.instagram.com/p/CUn7DJHlnoe/?utm_medium=copy_link Nice tasty riffing, sounds promising!
  12. Glad I got to see Roth with Van Halen back in 2013. What a night that was - Stone Music festival in Australia, Van Halen co-headlining with Aerosmith, and Matt Sorum’s Kings of Chaos on the bill too. Festival was poorly marketed, and poorly executed, but man… what a monster line up of bands. And I’m glad I got to see EVH shredding through all those classic tunes. As for Roth, I hope he’s ok, but he’s implying that he’s not in the best of health either.
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