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  1. I listen to him playing something like this and it just makes it all the more mind numbing that Axl can't get inspired enough to make music with him and actually release it to the public. I've long thought if they just gave themselves 3 months in a studio and started from scratch they'd be amazed at what would come out of it as opposed to the convoluted process of re-recording everything a million times and trying to sooth Axl's ego with the CD leftovers to make him feel it wasn't the colossal waste of time it was (it's the same reason we have to put up with Frank and his sub par drumming
  2. GNR fans everywhere will forever owe a debt of gratitude to Myles Kennedy. In a pre-reunion world where it looked like Axl/Slash would never share the stage again he was responsible for Slash being able to revisit the GNR catalog again in ways he hadn't been able to in the 15+ year period after he left the band. GNR is a notoriously hard band to cover without sounding like bad karaoke, so Slash was essentially limited over the years to the "easy" ones like Brownstone and It's so Easy that can be more easily handled. Myles range however let him thread that needle of having a gu
  3. Divorce is expensive, and the reunion is refilling Slash's coffers. If he stops releasing music, that will change my opinion on him. Until then I think he is just making himself whole financially because where else can he earn that kind of money playing music he wrote? If Axl came to him tomorrow and said let's release music the guy would lock himself in a room until he came out with a GNR album. I will only look at Slash differently if there ever comes a day that wouldn't be true.
  4. They have released 1 album since 1993, and if it was up to Axl CD probably would still be sitting on a shelf somewhere. That anyone in the GNR universe (be it fans, the band, management or whoever) would dare so much as even say a word about those who are frustrated that their favorite band has managed to release only 1 album in 27 years (you read that right......27 years) is beyond comprehension. We are coming up on 30 years now since we've gotten any new original material with Axl/Slash/Duff on it, but some how Axl/TB don't seem to get why there is the hostility there is about th
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